Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Plumbing

A man and woman facing their own plumbing issue in a flooded kitchen.

When the budget is high, the money is low, and there’s a leak somewhere in the plumbing system, the question many people ask is- can you do your own plumbing work. It’s a question born more out of a necessity and a wish to save money than anything else. 

For some, fixing stuff around the house, including plumbing, has become a favorite pastime, but there’s a reason plumbing is a licensed trade. This means only those with a plumbing license should be fixing your plumbing system.

But what does a plumbing license mean?

It means that a professional carrying such a license can guarantee that the work they do is up to standard and done following all plumbing rules and regulations that were created to protect you and your family and friends in the first place.

However, some plumbing repairs are so easy and harmless you can do it yourself without any risk of causing more damage. These minor repairs will not endanger you or anyone else but may often require that you know the Los Angeles County plumbing laws

Still, learning a few plumbing repair tricks may help you save more money for the time you’ll need to call a professional Los Angeles licensed plumber for help.

Plumbing Repairs You Can DIY

Without any risk from damages or injuries, you may complete the following plumbing repairs on your own:

  • replace a toilet seat with a new one
  • remove and install a new drop valve washer
  • replace a showerhead with a new one
  • replace a residential water filter
  • replace bathroom floor grates
  • clean basin, shower, or sink drain using water-vinegar-baking soda solutions
  • replace faucet jumper valve
  • replace faucet aerator
  • clean a blocked gutter or downpipe
  • Change faucet handles, hot/cold buttons, or flanges(hob mounted tap)
  • connect the washing machine hoses with hot/cold taps
  • Cleaning overflow relief gully
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Problems With Doing Your Own Plumbing

Many things can go wrong when you decide to do your own plumbing. Doing plumbing without a license may lead to consequences like damages caused by a DIY installation that are not covered by any insurance. 

Suppose your unlicensed work is identified under the Plumbing and Drainage act 2018. In that case, you may be required to pay tens of thousands of dollars fine, or you may even be prosecuted depending on the damage your plumbing experiment caused.

You may not be able to sell your property right away if any house checks show unlicensed plumbing work not matching the existing site plan.

Know When to Call A Professional Plumber

If you need any of the following plumbing services, you need to call a professional licensed Los Angeles plumber, no exception:

  • underground pipe replacement
  • pipe re-lining
  • pipe repairs
  • drain position change
  • drain cleaning
  • shower repairs
  • leak detection
  • water line connection
  • new appliance installation
  • toilet repairs
  • water heater repairs
  • water heater installation

And, of course, there are some things you simply can’t do on your own because those plumbing repairs require heavy machinery and high-tech equipment only the best LA plumbers have. 

We are talking about hydro-jetting methods, trenchless sewer line repair and replacement, and many other complex plumbing services you’re just not equipped to handle or perform.

Why You Should Support Your Local Plumber

 If you’re still not convinced about needing professional help, you should know a few things before contacting a local plumber. There are reasons why calling a licensed plumber to fix your plumbing issue is the best course of action, and it has everything to do with quality and long-lasting results. Furthermore, by calling a plumber, you will:

  • ensure your plumbing is handled by a person licensed and trained in plumbing repairs and installations
  • get the problem fixed in half the time it would take you to start researching which tools you need to use to fix your plumbing issue
  • most probably support a family business since most Los Angeles plumbers are family-owned companies.
  • get your plumbing fixed with long-lasting results, ensuring the same problem from reoccurring.
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Bottom line, saving money on plumbing repair fees is not worth it if that money goes toward legal fees you’ll pay once your unlicensed plumbing is discovered and charged. 

Besides the small plumbing replacements, repairs and clean-up, you should not even consider tackling some of the more significant plumbing problems on your own.

However, if plumbing repairs are something you love to do and are good at, we salute you and advise that you get your plumbing license and training and join a plumbing team anytime you want. 

Who knows- maybe plumbing services are what you do best, and you end up making an outstanding career out of it.

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