How to Prepare for Split Air Conditioner Installation?

 Installing your AC in the right way might be more critical than what you have thought. Do you know that unless you have your new AC unit properly installed, it won’t deliver an optimal function? A professional installation would also enhance the lifeline of the unit. Whether you have split or ducted air conditioning, make sure to hire trained professionals to handle the task. Besides, you can claim the warranty and service benefits only when you have a professionally installed unit.

Now, you might be wondering how you should brace up for the AC installation. On consulting with the experts, you need to take care of the aspects mentioned below.

Things to consider during split AC installation

 Have a look at the prime aspects that determine the performance of your AC. Accordingly, you need to plan the installation process.

Where to place the indoor and outdoor units?

Before calling in the technicians, chalk out where you are going to install the outdoor and indoor units. Ideally, experts advise installing the indoor unit in an area from where the AC can distribute the air evenly through the interiors without any hindrance. Besides, there should be a gap of at least eight feet between the floor and the AC. 

To ensure easy access for maintenance, choose the wall space logically. In case you are installing the unit in your bedroom, mounting it above the bed would be sensible. Again, if you decide to install it over a window, you need to prioritize aesthetics and place it in a symmetrical way.

Best Interior Decorating Secrets 

Open spaces like your terrace would be ideal for the placement of the outdoor AC unit. This way, there would be adequate airflow over the condenser and compressor. Alternatively, you need to choose a strong external wall, that can hold the outdoor unit firmly.

 Space between wall and AC unit

While installing air conditioning Sydney, take care of the space available between the wall and the indoor unit. Experts recommend leaving a gap of at least six inches around the sides and tops of the unit. This ensures that the unit would get adequate airflow. This applies to the outdoor unit of your split AC as well.

How strong are your walls?

It would be wise to assess the wall strength in the area where you are planning to install your split AC. While technicians would take care of the subtler aspects, you would be knowing if there’s any crack in the walls. After all, choose a wall that would be adequately strong to hold your indoor and outdoor units. To avoid accidents, don’t install the units on uneven walls. Also, don’t install split AC units on false ceilings.

Distance between the two units

To enhance the cooling capabilities of the AC, be careful about the spacing between the indoor and outdoor units. The two units should be close enough, so that the coolant can flow quickly between them. The maximum distance between the indoor and outdoor units should be 15 meters.

A faulty AC installation would take a toll on the lifeline of the appliance. Moreover, you would experience inadequate cooling, and eventually, shell out higher energy bills. To make sure that your split AC delivers optimal function, get it installed by experienced professionals.

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