6 tips for creating the perfect guest bedroom

A bedroom with a four poster bed and a rug, perfect for creating the ideal guest bedroom.

There are a lot of reasons why people come to visit. Some visits are short, and some are long. All of them, though, call for a little bit of thought. If you are hosting a guest, make sure you create the perfect guest bedroom.

A guest bedroom should be more than just a bed with a sink and a lamp. It should feel like a guest bedroom and not a storage room. It should also feel comfortable. A guest bedroom should always be a welcoming space that makes you want to spend a little more time there.

Making a guest feel welcomed is as important as providing them with a place to sleep. The guest bedroom should be a comfortable and inviting place to stay. If you don’t want your guest room to be a place where you wish they would stay and never leave, then take a look at these six tips to create the perfect guestroom.

Install fresh sheets and extra pillows and blankets

A guest bedroom with a bed, a dresser, and a window.

The bed itself should definitely be the focus of your guest bedroom. The best way to ensure that your bedding is clean is to change it regularly. Guests don’t expect you to change your bedding after every single visit, but changing it once or twice a year is a nice gesture. You can even change your pillowcases every time you change your sheets. If you feel like the sheets look old-fashioned, change them with trendy ones or neutral colors. You can survey and buy king size bed sheets from Luxo Living that never go out of style. Also, when you are going to change your sheets, don’t forget to make your bed.

Keep the decorations to a minimum

The guest bedroom is a room that guests use when they come over, and if you have a large family or you have guests over a lot, you probably have a guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is often decorated as nicely as the rest of the house, and it usually has a television in it and other things that make it a nice place for guests to sleep. It is important that the guest bedroom be a nice place for guests to sleep, but there is no need to decorate it as nicely as the rest of the house. It can have a few décor items like lamps and art, but there isn’t a need to go overboard. A nice and comfortable room that guests can sleep in is all that is needed in the bedroom.

Don’t forget the snack bar

You know those bars at hotels and resorts that are loaded with snacks, cookies, and drinks? You know, the ones that are the first thing you see when you walk into the room? Well, don’t forget to install one of those in the guest room. It’s a great amenity for guests to have, and not a lot of people realize this. It also gives your guests something to grab in the middle of the night if they get hungry.

A snack bar is a great idea if you want to give your guests a sense of independence while they’re in your home. This doesn’t mean that you have to make them feel unwelcome. If you have a bar, then make sure you have a variety of snacks and drinks so that they can make themselves something to eat and drink.

Provide space for their belongings

One of the biggest complaints we get from guests is that there is nowhere to put their things. Make sure you have some shelving, a closet, and a dresser available for your guests to store their things. If you have the space, you can have some baskets available for them to use to store more of their smaller items.

A guest bedroom should be filled with all the necessary things for a visitor to feel at home. This includes a place for their belongings, such as a dresser or small nightstand, as well as a comfortable place to sit, such as a chair, ottoman, or bench.

Hang wall art

If you’re going to be accommodating your guests, then you should probably make them feel welcome. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by adding some wall art to the room. Don’t hang anything too distracting or too expensive, just something with a simple pattern that is easy on the eyes.

Three African women displaying wall art in a living room.

Let in natural light

Natural lighting is essential to a good, relaxing atmosphere. Rooms with a lot of windows have a more open, airy feeling. Rooms with no windows can feel stuffy and claustrophobic. Even if the natural light is not great, adding a good amount of light to the room with lamps, candles, and light bulbs can help create a better atmosphere and improve the room’s appearance.

Living in a room that is brightly lit can reduce stress and help you sleep better. The room should have a window or two (or more). If the windows are blocked heavily with curtains or other forms of light-blocking material, you could experience a lack of light, which can be detrimental to your sleep.


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