Top Sustainable Landscaping Ideas for Your Home in Knoxville

The skyline of Nashville.

Knoxville is well known for its amenities and the quality of life that people enjoy here. With a livability score of 71, Knoxville is considered better than 61% of the remaining areas in the entire US, allowing the people to enjoy a good quality of life. 

Most homes here come with their garden, and the landscaping does much to add to its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, Knoxville residents are also becoming increasingly conscious about their role in saving the environment, and it is reflected in every aspect of their life. Here are some sustainable Knoxville landscape ideas if you have a home in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Plant a Rain Garden

Planting a rain garden is an incredible way of saving water in Knoxville, which does not always get regular rainfall. Conserving water is essential, and with rain gardens, you can channel the water into a shallow pool near the ground, from where it slowly seeps into the soil. 

Contrary to storm drains, which take this water out of the premises, the rain garden uses the water by keeping the soil wet. Even after the rain stops, there is no need to water the plants from the reservoirs, and you can make use of all that natural rainwater. Moreover, it also acts as a filter where the harmful pesticides, hydrocarbon, and other particles are sieved out of the water. 

Using Hardscape Surfaces

Porous hardscape surfaces allow the water to seep through to the soil without letting it drain off the premises. This is an excellent way of retaining water if you do not want the topsoil to turn soggy and muddy. The hard surface does not let the premises get sludgy, yet the rainwater is retained, used to keep the soil soft and wet. You can use it over walkways and patios to create a runaway and allow water to go back into the soil. Since Knoxville gets about 60 inches of rain and 5 inches of snow in a year, you could end up recycling a lot of water without letting it go to waste. 

Turning Lawn into Meadow

The soil found in and around Knoxville is clayey. It is rich in nutrients, and the clay particles can bind together very tightly and suffocate the roots. The people of Knoxville use organic matter with the soil to make it light and airy. 

With the right mix, you can turn your small lawn into an extensive meadow by helping the grass survive and thrive. Knowing your soil type is essential for landscaping your garden to use grass and trees that will grow the best on them. 

Use Recycled Materials

Landscaping is not just about planting grass and trees. When you want to landscape your garden, it should make your home look cozier and add an element of warmth. You can do this by adding colorful fences, placing chairs and tables around a centerpiece, and making a niche where friends and family can gather. 

However, when you do all of this with recycled materials, it also makes your home eco-friendly. You can also use locally sourced materials provided by local small industries in Knoxville, and you would be helping the community. You also won’t have to travel long distances, and you could end up preventing carbon footprint because goods made from recycled materials do not have to end up in the landfill. 

Add Water Source for Animals

The Knoxville Zoo is well known for its choicest animal encounters that allow you to explore animals close-up to get a behind the scenes look. You can enjoy a miniature effect of the same in your backyard.

One of the best things you can do to make your Knoxville landscapes look heartwarming is attracting wildlife. You can do that by adding a water source in your gardens like a birdbath, a fountain, or an artificial stream. You will immediately find birds and animals like squirrels and turtles coming to give you company. Once birds and bees start coming to your garden, you will hardly need any other adornments for your space. They not only make your home come alive with their antics, but they will also make your home look more earthy and natural. 

The city of Knoxville has come with various go green initiatives to reduce energy and improve the overall ecosystem for a brighter future. You, too, can contribute to the greater cause by investing in sustainable landscapes. 

With sustainable Knoxville landscape ideas, your home can blend with the natural surroundings effortlessly. You will also end up saving a ton of money by saving up on water bills or by reducing electricity bills when you opt for solar lighting. All this increases the value of your home, and you also do your part to make the planet a better place to inhabit. 

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