Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

People often get confused in accidents because of the shock, trauma, and numerous questions that bug their minds. It is essential to keep calm and understand the proper steps for the driver’s and passengers’ safety. Check with a car accident lawyer to find out how to document and start the claims process. It takes the pressure off the owner financially, health-wise, and psychologically to give one time to recover.

Check on the Driver’s and Passengers’ Safety

When getting into an accident, check on the well-being of yourself and the passengers. If movement is limited, they better not try to move as it can worsen the situation. Instead, look around to confirm who can easily make the call for help (by dialing 911 or asking for help from passersby). Try not to rush or have sudden movements while the situation is being analyzed. It will help everyone to keep calm as they wait for help.

Pull-Over the Vehicle Away to Safety

If possible, the driver can move the vehicle away from the roadway. It keeps the car from causing unnecessary delays for approaching vehicles or further damage to the vehicle. Always remember to utilize hazard lights. Always have the hazard lights on if the vehicle cannot be moved right away. However, keep in mind that the priority should be on the passenger’s safety and health.

Report the Accident and Wait for Help

After affirming the safety of the vehicle’s occupants, call 911. Many people usually advise this step as the first course of action. Assess the situation at the scene to give an accurate report of the accident. Do not delay making the emergency call as it may define the survival or recovery of the injured passengers.

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Besides helping with the injured victims, the law enforcers will aid in creating the accident report. You may use this report in the car or any injury claims.

Both Drivers Should Exchange Information

If the driver is not badly hurt, they should take the initiative of exchanging contacts while assessing the accident further. The basic information they should exchange should include their insurance, contact information, and names. Other details can consist of the vehicle’s type and make witnesses and law enforcers’ details. These details help people to file their insurance claims.

Inspect and Document the Accident

It is important to inspect and document the accident scene. Take pictures and any other relevant data at the accident scene that will help in getting clarity of the accident scene. Before filing claims, check in with a lawyer to ascertain the facts.

Some of the most important details the lawyer will check are:

  • The type of insurance coverages of both vehicles
  • The extent of the injuries
  • The degree of damage to the vehicles
  • The guilty party (the one at fault)

Notify the Insurer and Start the Claims Process

It is prudent for the insurer when involved in an accident. The insurer guides you on how to file for claims. The process might be tedious due to the detailed documentation requested by the insurer. But it can be easier with adequate help from the lawyer and insurer.

Always avoid admitting faults or blaming the other party without consulting a lawyer. The insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle, while the medical insurance will cater to the medical need of injured persons. It is important to ensure they follow proper procedures.

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The Importance of Getting a Car Accident Lawyer

With a car accident lawyer, it is easy to file injury claims or even car insurance claims. The lawyer will analyze the accident report and help recover property, get cash settlements, cover the medical costs, or get compensation. By following these steps, you can quickly obtain the relevant information that the lawyer will use in building a case.

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