Easy And Effective Ideas To Gain More Natural Light At Home

A well-lit house generates a sense of elegance and personality. Learn to combine natural light with artificial light to create properly lit spaces.

A white living room with a glass door allowing ample natural light to fill the wooden-floored space.

Give Way To Light

Sliding doors, glazed and white. The perfect solution to bring natural light to the darkest spaces of the house.

A dining room with a white table and chairs illuminated by natural light.

The White, The Brightest

In walls or textiles, it is the color that most reflects the light (up to 80%). They are followed by creams, beige, yellow and orange.

A living room with beige walls and white furniture featuring natural light.

More Light, More Well-Being

A hallway with natural light, a white staircase, and chandelier.

More Light With Bright Finishes

The finishes of the painting affect the reflection of light. On surfaces that receive little NATURAL light opt ​​for a shiny finish.

A bedroom with natural light, wooden beams, and a fireplace.

Accessories With Own Light

A vase with flowers, a composition of candles or metallic details will illuminate small corners.

A white bedroom with wooden beams and abundant natural light from the ocean view.

More Luminous Floors

A white or light-colored carpet is the most relaxed and most comfortable option to have a lighter floor. Carpet of KP.

Without having to do great works, you can multiply the light of your house. The secret? Play with fabrics, accessories and color. Let’s see!

Vaporous curtains, bright fabrics, large-format mirrors, glass vases with flowers and white stones … They are simple elements, but they immediately illuminate any space.

And if, in addition, you have them with criteria, they help you reveal corners, accentuate textures and create that magic you need to feel more at ease at home. It is not enough to generate more light, and it is important to manage it well.

Step Into The Light

The sun is not only a source of light but also a source of health. For this reason, invite him to enter your house, so that you can see your interiors with clarity and new sensations. “Without changing anything, natural light changes everything. It is subtle and, at the same time, powerful.

Free-spirited Bohemian Interior Design

Multiply the feeling of space, providing shadows, contrasts, reflections and gradations. And, in addition, you rejoice the soul. In order for the sun to reach the last corner, the trick is to clear the space as much as possible and, above all, to eliminate the physical barriers to the entry of natural light.

Thus, bring the most voluminous furniture to the walls, eliminate the door between the living room and the hallway, or replace it with a glass door so that the light travels from one room to another without obstacles.

Choose a transparent glass if you want to make the most of the light and maintain visual contact between the two environments. On the other hand, a translucent one will clarify the intensity of the light and give intimacy.

And to reflect and expand the sun, place a wall or large-format mirror in front of the largest window. You will not only multiply light and meters if you have views, but also the landscape.

Light Fabrics

To filter an excess of sun, but keep the light, the key is to dress the windows with light and translucent fabrics. “You can keep the conventional curtains to frame and shelter the window, but add some gauze, organdy or muslin blinds to enjoy a nice diffuse light.”

Another idea to play with light is to combine silk curtains with aluminium venetian blinds made of wood with adjustable slats at 135º, which allow regulating the entrance of light according to the needs.

To introduce transparency in the seats, add cushions of light colors but in harmony with the upholstery. You can also perform covers of fabric for sofas and chairs, or reupholster a chair with woven stripes as they create the illusion of light and shade if you count with little sunshine.

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In the bedroom, bet on faded colored bedding and always opt for natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton. If you are looking for a warmer environment, wool, velvet, or damask are safe.

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