Painting – Change Your House With The Effects Of Color

It is fashionable for owners to seek assistance from professionals when it comes to improving their house for sale or rent. Sometimes with a few improvements, the overall appearance changes a lot and achieves an impact that will be immediately reflected in the sale price. If you are thinking about a small renovation, a new painting coat is still one of the most economical ways to achieve a change. We will show you some paint colors for the walls that will be a trend.

A bedroom with green walls and white furniture gets a fresh coat of painting.

The Importance of Primer

Before diving into the world of colors, it’s crucial to prepare your walls for the best possible outcome. Using a primer can make a significant difference in the final look of your paint job. A primer not only helps the paint adhere better to the wall but also enhances the paint’s durability and appearance. To understand why you should always use a primer when painting your walls, read our detailed guide on the subject here.

More Comfortable

The room, full of light, allows the luxury of painting the wall of the headboard in dark green, highlighting it and making the room visually appear more collected. Teak and linen headboard.

A painted yellow tiled bathroom.

Clear Roof, To Lighten The Stay

In this bathroom, with other walls, it was decided to paint the ceiling in white so as not to overload the room with color. The pavement is also tiled in white, with details of a reddish tone.

A bed with a painting in a bedroom.

Widen The Bedroom

Painting the side walls of a narrow bedroom in a lighter shade, moving them away creating more visual amplitude between them. White leather headboard and bedside table in teak wood.

The Console Table – Stylish Function

A cozy living room with a fireplace.

Maximum Warmth

We can alleviate the coldness of a room by painting walls and ceiling with warm colors, as in this case. To give the ceiling a darker tone, like that of the floor, also creates the effect of moving the side walls away, thus gaining visual width. Biggie Best sofa. Coffee table and wall lamp.

A bed with a painting in a room.

Cheerful And Broad

The room of a child allows it. Especially if it’s as bright as this one. The reddish tone gives joy to the room and the white in the rest of the walls, in the carpentry and in the ceiling, visual amplitude.

A white couch in a living room.

Spacious But Cozy Spaces

This dining room on two levels is a stay with great depth. When painting the wall of the bottom of a dark color. The dining room area was approached and, thus, a cozy feeling.

A bedroom with beige walls and a white bed that needs painting.Highlight The Structure

The painting helps to highlight the architecture of the house when it is special, as in the case of this bedroom, where the structure of the room is highlighted by combining the white color in ceilings, carpentry, and some walls, with the brown mole in others.

Effects With Wallpaper

The same effect that we would achieve with the painting, we can achieve with the wallpaper, as in this case, in which we sought to frame the dining area with a paper in gray tones. To compensate for the lack of brightness of the paper, a mirror has placed that bounces and multiplies the incoming light.

Do Not Forget The Moldings

If you decide to paint the ceiling in white, include the moldings.

Lighter Painting For Ceilings

Visually “heavy” ceilings, such as those in the image, can be lightened and raised if the beams are painted the same color as the ceiling. And if this color is white, the effect will be greater.

Open Bathroom Concept for Master Bedrooms

Conceal Unevenness In Your painting

In this bedroom, the low ceiling creates a low-rise area. The white has also served to disguise the unevenness and in matt conceals the possible defects.

Teddy bears with painting on the bed.

Paint With Success

If we want to paint a dark colored wall, we must choose the wall that receives more light to lighten its visual weight.

A wooden floor in the dining room that needs painting.

Gain Warmth And Height With New Painting

This dining room was painted in sand tones to gain warmth and the ceiling was left blank to make it look taller. Mesa, by Alarcón. Chairs and white linen tablecloth, in Cotton.

A living room with beige walls and furniture, ready for painting.

Warm And Bright Painting

The great amplitude of this room asked to gain warmth for which the walls were painted. A very toasted tone and to compensate, it was illuminated by painting the ceiling white. The lounge is completed with some oak seats and beautiful glassed-in bookcases.

Do you want to expand your room without doing works? Do you want to climb a ceiling too low? Use the color! By painting, you can visually modify the dimensions of your house.

Create Warm And Enveloping Atmospheres Through painting

What spaces need warmth?

  • The rooms are very spacious.
  • The spaces that, because of their orientation, receive cold light.
  • The spaces with a very sober decoration.

How To Get Warmth?

  • It uses colors from the palette of the warm ones, combining them with warm neutral tones, such as an almond white or a pale beige.
  • If the dimensions of your spaces are very large, set a game of contrasts between warm dark, combining a dry green with other, for example.
  • Opt for furniture and wooden flooring. It is the warmest material.
  • Dress the space with natural fabrics. In addition to warm, they are ecological!
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