Simplify Life with Laundry Chutes

A laundry room with a washer, dryer, and laundry chute.

Are many of your bedrooms, bathrooms and linen closets on floors above your laundry room? Carrying laundry in heavy baskets down multiple flights of stairs several times a week can really hurt your back, not to mention get to be a drag. Thanks to some ingenious and creative minds, a solution has been found. One of the greatest ways to simplify your life and maintain great back health is through laundry chutes. This has become a trend in some newer homes and for good reason. They take up little space and bring laundry directly to the cleaning site. What’s not to love?

Keywords: wooden floor, coat rack

Modified description: A hallway with a wooden floor and a coat rack, featuring a laundry chute.

Whether there is extra space at the bottom of a closet, somewhere on a wall or a small section of your bedroom floor, chutes can fit anywhere and be as large as you want. You can even hide them within cabinetry or along a walkway. All you need to do is make sure that the chute leads to your laundry room! To keep things organized, you can even have a separate chute for each bedroom that leads to a different basket within your laundry room that way everyone’s laundry is separated. (A no more “he took my shirt!” from your kids.) Some have open endings that lead right to a basket, like mentioned before… while others can be hidden and lead to the inside of a closet, cabinet or other area.

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