4 Ways to Hide Your TV

A fireplace that can hide your TV in a living room.

You’ve saved up all your money in hopes of getting that 70 inch 3D plasma TV for your home. Now that you’ve finally gotten it, you realize that your living room window gives a clear view of your new TV from the street. Although you bought it to enjoy, you don’t want to have a target for potential passer-bys to possible want to take. Or perhaps it’s not as big of a situation, and you just want to have a place to hide your TV when it’s not in use (and possibly have less space to dust!). Either way, you’ll need a place to put your TV away, whether it be some thing simple or more secure. ¬†Have no fear, as Home Styler has 4 ways to hide your TV no matter your budget or skill level.

Four pictures of framed pictures hanging on a wall, cleverly hiding your TV.

-In the wall-¬† Is there a non-supporting wall that has ample space in your home? Consider seeing if you can cut it open to make in-wall storage for your TV. All you’ll have to do then is place doors over it to hide and you’re set! Depending on the amount of space, it’s also possible to create extra storage or shelving to hide other items as well. -Cabinet– For those who don’t want to cut into the walls of their home, then one easy way to hide your TV is through available furniture. Or even make your own! One way to save money is scavenging the local thrift store. You may find a great steal, or you can refurbish a piece to make it fit your home. And, they normally come with their own doors! -Raising shelf– Want to feel a little high-tech? Now-a-days there are furniture pieces that come with their own remote— to bring your TV out from hiding! These are generally false piece of furniture with no storage space except for holding the TV. All you have to do is press a button on the remote and your TV will raise out from the furniture!

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A tv mounted above a fireplace in a living room, designed to hide your tv.

On the wall– Don’t want to place your TV within a wall but want it to stay hanging there? Try placing a painting or curtain in front of it then!

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