Festive Spring Time Home Ideas

A festive kitchen with yellow wicker chairs and yellow tulips.

Have you caught the springtime fever yet? Luckily cabin fever from this seemingly endless winter is starting to die down in most places, which is giving people the spring fever and itch to be outdoors. This normally induces a desire for homeowners to change their decor to say ‘hallelujah’ to no more cold nights and being stuck indoors. If you’ve found yourself in this position, then you’ve come to the right place. Home Styler has rounded up some of the top festive spring decorations to help brighten up your home and put and end to this past year’s dreary winter season!

First you’ll want to focus on colors. Of course you’ll want to stick with either pastels or bright shades of any color. Blue, green, yellow and pink thens to be popular for spring. Try incorporating at least two of these in your color scheme along with some “light” neutrals like silver or white to bring out the warm feeling that spring brings.

Next, you’ll want to bring in some different spring time elements. These can include items that play on the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, by using umbrellas or rain boots to flowers. These can be propped near doorways, staircases, decks,… almost anywhere you want. If you’d rather not be reminded of the rain, then tie in Easter or other spring time festivities with bunnies, eggs, multicolor paint spattered pictures for Holi, etc. Whatever you want to celebrate! There’s also the option of just having an abundance of flowers throughout your home. Light colored field flowers, like lilacs or butter cups, can be great for this.

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