11 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Enjoyable

Do you need some ideas for bathroom design? Since you are here, it stands to reason that you are. Whether you’re making little tweaks, a thorough renovation, or simply daydreaming at your computer, a bathroom redesign may drastically change the mood of your home (and your skin-care routine). It is not unexpected that when it comes to renovation, this generous space typically comes in first, behind the kitchen.

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It can be complicated to decide on a fresh look, so we’ve gathered various bathroom design ideas from the revered pages of Architectural Digest and the equally revered digital pages of Clever. Each is packed with creative suggestions for your renovation, including calming tubs, glitzy vanities, and modern showers. See elegant places that are the stuff of mid-afternoon daydreams, from clean and approachable to opulent and excessive.


The importance of good bathroom hygiene practices cannot be overstated, but how can you ensure that everyone in your home follows the regulations? A fun and simple technique to prompt their recollections is wall painting. To help remember everyone, print out our helpful toilet rules printable and hang it in the restroom. 


Let’s first go through each of the restroom regulations in more depth.

  • Change the shower curtains.

Utilize actual bedroom curtains rather than bathroom-specific ones if you decide to use shower curtains in place of the tub’s sliding doors, advises Ramin. There is a wider variety, and you may purchase silk or curtains resembling silk to boost the opulence level rapidly. Remember to place a cheap cloth shower liner below. Your instant glam is here!

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  • Hang large-scale artwork

One of the most well-liked wall décor options for bathrooms is a single significant piece of art., a little bathroom. Better still. Large-scale artwork will also transform that area. This sense of “borrowing” inspiration from upscale environments is reinforced by the unpredictability of seeing a 5-foot framed painting in a modestly sized area.

Ensure the artwork is framed correctly to prevent damage from moisture and steam.

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  • Include a unique mirror

Select an (ideally large) mirror with an eye-catching or distinctive form or finish, such as gold, Moroccan, or tortoiseshell, to boost your bathroom’s appearance. 

Incorporate gold and metallic accents

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  • Use plants (yes, really)

Generally speaking, restrooms only have a few plants because the environment can be unpredictable. Bathrooms can experience varying temperatures, constant humidity, and plenty (or little) sunlight depending on the number of windows and the direction the windows face. It is safe to say that houseplants are now a need for décor, even though their popularity has been progressively increasing in recent years. The inclination has now spread to every room in the house, including the restroom.

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How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Home

  • Add large-scale lighting

You may be the most authentic version of yourself in the restroom. It’s where you cry uncontrollably or show off secret abilities like singing. Most importantly, you let your tension, annoyance, and exhaustion flow out permanently. Therefore, the bathroom design should reflect your personality and level of comfort.

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  • Towel Racks of Every Form and Variety

The standard towel rack is simply a bar on which you may hang a towel that has been folded. There are many more inventive methods to hang or display towels, however. For a cozier, more lived-in look, use hooks instead of towel racks or spend money on curved towel shelves where you can keep wrapped towels.

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  • Confirm if the bathtub has a bath tray.

A bath tray is a must that can store your soaps, bubble bath, and, if you’d like, a glass of wine. Some trays even feature spaces to accommodate a book if you enjoy reading in the tub.

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  • Matching Hardware

It makes sense to use matching cabinet and drawer pulls. Even so, coordinating the metal finishes of the towel racks, toilet paper holders, and shower curtain rings will help the bathroom look more cohesive.

  • A tiled rug

If you decide to splurge on just one aspect of the remodel, most bathroom designers advise you to spend more money on the floor because it will be the most noticeable. Instead of placing a costly stone mosaic everywhere, you may save money by creating a “rug” with only a few square feet of something eye-catching and using large-format field tiles in a complimentary stone around it.

(Picture by: decorpad.com)

(Picture by: decorpad.com)

Exploring Futuristic Interior Design

  • Colors should be light and bright.

This metropolitan bathroom has a cozy, peaceful atmosphere thanks to the wood vanity and floor. Natural light from the window is reflected in a gentle mint-green tint. The area around the standalone tub and the sheer fabric curtains that let in the most light contribute to the room’s openness.

  • Consider using a glass shower door.

Consider obliterating the curtain if you start from scratch with your small bathroom design. Additionally, Wolf advises installing glass shower doors in a tiny bathroom since they would help the room feel more open.

(Picture by: https://suntechinteriors.com)

(Picture by: https://suntechinteriors.com)

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