What is the best stone for building?

A stone wall is being built in front of a building.

Natural stones have been used in building since ancient times, which attests to their durability. However, building with stone can be tricky, which means you require a knowledgeable building stone supplier to provide the stone you need, and the right information to choose the best stone for you. 

Building With Natural Stone

Building with natural stone will increase your project’s final value and durability, but how do you choose the right one?

Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary stones are the main categories for natural stones used in building each having different strengths and qualities:

Igneous Rocks

When molten rocks- in the form of lava or magma- cool down, igneous rocks form. Due to the way these rocks come to existence, their nature doesn’t make them the best building stone when it comes to durability. Yet, these are great to add accents and decorations to parts of constructions. 

Sedimentary Rocks

Due to how sedimentary rocks are formed under pressure and from different minerals, they are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. Most stones under the sedimentary category are quite resistant to corrosion, making them great for building wall covers, flooring, fireplaces, and other high-transit high-usage projects.

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks earn their name from the environmental changes that create them. Due to these changes, they are highly resistant to heat and damage, giving them a great longevity. While these may seem like the best choice, they are not always the first option due to price and the effort required to work with them.

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The Best For Building

In the end, the best choice truly depends on what you are building. However, we can narrow the options down for you:


Though limestone fades in color naturally, limestone’s even texture and grade improve with age. It is also quite easy to work with for different architectural styles. You can find limestone in college buildings, courthouses, and cathedrals across the country which attests to its durability.


There isn’t a natural stone that’s harder than granite, making it ideal for countertops, high-traffic flooring, and fireplaces. It can also be found in different colors and patterns, making it quite versatile. Granite also naturally repels bacteria, which makes it a top notch option for kitchen and dining surfaces.


Due to its metamorphic nature, slate has been used in construction for centuries thanks to its  resistance to seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. You can find it in gray, green, red, and sometimes purple. Since it’s easy to trim, slate is commonly used as interior flooring, but its ability to resist temperature change makes it great for countertops, bathroom floors and fireplace ceilings.


Yes, building with natural stone is a great idea, but when choosing keep the following in mind to choose the best one:

  • How well does it handle pressure.
  • Its resistance to the elements.
  • Will it deteriorate under constant use.

It can be challenging to decide which types of stone for building will be the best for your project, but it will definitely be worth it.

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