Steps one should take to enhance Home Security

A man in a hoodie enhancing home security with a flashlight out of a window.

When you live in a nice home, it’s natural to want to keep it that way. After all, our homes are where we lock down for the night and rest easy under blankets without fear of being attacked by intruders. But even though most people have their doors locked tightly at night, there are still ways for intruders to get inside your house—and that’s where home security comes into play.

If you want to keep your family safe from harm, investing in some extra protection won’t hurt your pocket. To help make sure your property is secure, here are some simple steps anyone can take:

Invest in a home security system

The next step is to invest in a home security system. There are many options, and the best method for you will depend on your budget and needs. The most common type of system uses sensors that detect whether doors and windows are opened, but others can detect smoke or fire if your house catches on fire.

Once you’ve decided what type of system would work best for you and your family, it’s time to look into getting one installed. You can find companies that will come out and do this service by searching Google or calling around local businesses until someone agrees to install one in your home at an affordable price.

Check and replace your locks

Locks are a great way to keep your home safe. Most people have locks on their doors, but it is important to ensure that your locks are still working properly and haven’t been compromised by wear and tear or other factors. If you have a deadbolt, make sure that it is working properly. A keyless entry system may also be installed in some homes, which can be an added security measure and an easier way into the house for members of the family who do not have keys.

Test your outdoor lighting

The first step in improving your home’s security is ensuring you can see and be seen at night. If you aren’t using motion-sensitive outdoor lights, test them to ensure they are working properly. Some homeowners report having trouble with their motion detectors not working correctly or even starting to function at all after a few years of use. Also, check to ensure you have enough light from each bulb to illuminate your entire yard and driveway area.

If your yard has plenty of trees or bushes around it, consider hiring someone to trim them back so that there isn’t too much cover for burglars when trying to break into your home through a window or door in the dark hours of the night.

Hide your valuables

To begin with, you should hide valuables in a safe. A fireproof safe is ideal because it can also withstand the effects of water damage and fire. You could also get a lockbox that’s large enough to hold all your valuables, such as jewelry or important documents. A gun safe should be used if you own guns or ammo at home. This way, intruders will know that there are guns inside but not where exactly they’re kept. This can help deter criminals who might be scared away by firearms in the house.

Keep a weapon handy if possible

Having a weapon handy is the best way to protect yourself, but if you’re not comfortable with firearms or don’t want to buy one, there are other options. Pepper spray is an effective deterrent and can be used non-lethally. A knife offers protection with less risk of injury than pepper spray but may also lead to a confrontation if the assailant has their own weapon.

Keep your shades drawn

The best way to get the full effect of keeping your house private is to ensure no one can see inside. This can be done by keeping your shades drawn at all times. If you’d like, you could use curtains or blinds on windows facing outwards.

Make sure that any glass doors are shut tight at night and locked to prevent intruders from breaking in through an open door or window while you’re sleeping.

Don’t advertise that you are on vacation

If you are going on vacation, don’t advertise it to the world. Do not post on social media that you are leaving and when you will return. Or leave a note for anyone visiting your house during your absence. Don’t leave a sign on your door telling people where to find your key if they need to get inside while you are gone.

Make sure not to give out any information about yourself or your home to anyone with no legitimate reason for having it.

Install a peephole or video doorbell camera

You may have a peephole in your door, but there’s no reason to settle for what the landlord provided. Peepholes are notoriously small—the size of a plastic spoon—and you can’t always see through them if it’s raining out or you’ve got a bag blocking the way. A video doorbell camera has a larger lens and is already mounted outside your home for easy access. It’s ideal to see who’s at your door early enough to screen visitors before they ring.

Video doorbell cameras are also much more than an extra pair of eyes. They help deter burglars by making it seem like someone is home even when they aren’t by using motion sensors that send alerts when someone moves within range of the camera. This means thieves will think twice before breaking in because they don’t want to be caught inside.


While there is no perfect solution, you can use these tips to help you find the right system for your needs. However, know that the best home security system for you depends on your needs, the layout of your home and any special circumstances. There are many different types of systems available, so it’s important to do some research before buying.

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