How To Get A Good Night Sleep? 

A comfortable white comforter on a bed for a good night sleep next to a window.

Tired of wakefulness at night?

Or weary of tossing and turning during sleep?

Adequate sleep is what you need at day end. A great slumber can help you with your productivity and keep you energetic during the day.

Sleeping well influences our mental and physical health. Falling short of it can reduce your daytime energy, affect your work efficiency, make you emotionally imbalanced and lead to unexplained weight loss or gain. Yet, many of us keep changing sides and struggle to get the sleep that we need.

You may have come across many ideas and tips. You must have applied a few of them too. Yet every effort is futile.

Finished looking for secrets of doing away with insomnia or having a better sleep. Here we share the secret ingredient that does no magic but explains the science behind a good sleep.

What Science Says?

Besides an unhealthy lifestyle, your sleep quality is connected with age, medical conditions, and primary sleep disorders. Aging can modify the sleep pattern, distortion of the sleep cycle causing untimely or early arousals and awakenings.

With advanced technology and change in lifestyle trends, many people suffer from chronic sleep loss and other consequences. A study found that about 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorder and wakefulness, which hinders daytime functions and affects health and longevity.

So, is there any way out?

Can you align your lifestyle around your body’s circadian rhythm?

Or are there ways to control your sleep pattern? Read on!

Secrets To Good Sleep At Night

Getting a good sleep seems impossible, but your surroundings are silent, and you are the only soul besides other nocturnal species as wide awake. Or may you be asleep on time but sitting awake at 3 am and not knowing what to do? Poor sleep, if not treated on time, can have harmful consequences. You may wonder if there could be ways to control your sleep?

To do that, you must feel relaxed when you are asleep and during the entire time until you wake up in the morning. Why not start with some night-time rituals? You can take a warm bath and dim the light in your bedroom; besides, hot calming tea is an excellent way to relax before you retire for the day. Whether it is chronic insomnia or any kind of night stimulation that prevents you from a sound sleep, bedtime tea can help.

A sleep-inducing tea can introduce a little zen into your daily routine by soothing the nerves and helping you with relaxing from the day’s business. You can also go for chamomile tea, green tea, lavender tea, passionflower tea, to mention a few.

Understand The Importance Of Comfortable Mattress For A Good Sleep

Even if you have done your bedtime rituals, you may have disturbed sleep if you don’t own the right mattress. Your bed should be a comforting element as you sleep. To have a sound sleep and wake up feeling fresh, you must experiment with different kinds of mattresses or make a purchase after thorough study and research on various types of pillows, mattress firmness, and foam toppers to get better sleep support.

Research suggests that a medium-firm mattress promotes comfort, offers spinal alignment and quality sleep. A significant number of people lack sleep due to various reasons. Backache is one such reason, and a lousy sleep posture or a poor-quality mattress is responsible for it. So, you must take care of your bed besides working on your bedtime rituals for a good sleep.

A black and white photo of a woman sleeping soundly in bed.

How To Choose A Perfect Mattress?

Out of the three common types of mattresses, namely foam, innerspring, and adjustable, there is no ONE right kind of material to choose. Anyway, depending upon how you sleep, you can opt for a soft mattress if you sleep on your sides; check out some of the best mattresses in 2021 for side sleepers if you plan on purchasing a mattress soon. For people sleeping on their stomachs, a firm mattress is recommended and back sleepers need something between the two.

Beyond that, below are a few more factors to determine the right type of mattress for a good sleep.

  1. If you want a bouncy feel or plush top, go for the traditional innerspring styles.
  2. Memory foam is suitable if you want a firm base mattress.
  3. Go for air-filled mattresses with dual-chambers if your preference varies from your partner’s.  
  4. If you’re going to change the thickness, you will love the air-filled bed.
  5. To prevent allergies, consider foam and latex mattresses.
  6. To ease out back pain, try out memory foam or latex that offers good support during sleep.

Yet, if you cannot decide the mattress type, consider the hybrid style mattresses with both the buoyancy of innerspring and firmness of memory foam. It is the best choice without any dispute and differences. 

Done with the choice of mattress, next you have to decide about the mattress foundation.

What Mattress Foundation Should I Opt?

After making a meaningful investment for a quality mattress, you have to consider it placing so that it lasts better. Technically you can place it on the floor, but there are chances that this may reduce the lifespan of your mattress. Additionally, all mattresses are not compatible with floor placement. For instance, a memory foam mattress seated on the floor reduces airflow.

The best foundation depends on the type of mattress you bought, and one common choice is the box spring. Innerspring is equally popular, but there are other types too.

Do I need a box spring for my mattress? Before you decide that, find a lot more about the rest and then make your choice.

Foundation Types

A mattress foundation is all about support. Here are some of the best suggestions.

  • Solid platform bed made of wood or other materials.
  • Slatted base made of metal or wood.
  • A box-spring consists of a wooden frame covered in cloth and has springs.
  • Metal bed frames can be used singly or with a box spring.
  • Bunkie boards similar to box springs but made of solid wood.
  • Adjustable bed base often needed for home medical care or if you want a luxurious one.

Final Thoughts

To combat insomnia and other sleep disorders, it is wise to consult a physician besides applying the above ideas. Following a night-time ritual and selecting the right mattress and support, you can have a quality sleep.

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