Five Home Improvements that can Potentially Increase the Value of Your Home

Homes are often one of the most expensive purchases many people will make in their lifetime. The cost of buying a home is typically much higher than buying a car or other major purchases.

Home is a long-term investment that can appreciate in value over time. Many people buy a home with the intention of living in it for many years, building equity, and eventually selling it for a profit.


But except for waiting for a price to increase you can also work on home improvements that in some cases may help increase the value of your property. We’ve created a list of five home improvements that may be able to help make your home more desirable for buyers.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing can increase the value of a house, as it is an important improvement that can prevent potential problems and create a more livable space.

A damp or wet basement can be a major concern for buyers, as it can lead to mold, mildew, and other issues that can affect the health of those living in the home. Waterproofing the basement can help prevent these problems and provide a safe, dry, and healthy living environment.

In addition to improving the health and safety of the home, basement waterproofing can also increase the usable space in the home. A dry basement can be finished and converted into a living area, storage space, or even a home office or gym.

Overall, basement waterproofing is an important improvement that can increase the value of a house by improving the health, safety, and livability of the home, as well as increasing the usable space. It can also provide peace of mind for buyers and may make your home more attractive compared to other homes on the market that do not have waterproofed basements.

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Energy-Efficient Improvements

A home with energy-efficient upgrades may have a higher resale value than a similar home without these upgrades. This is because energy-efficient homes are in high demand due to their lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

In addition, energy-efficient upgrades can also improve the comfort and livability of a home. Upgrades such as insulation or weather-stripping can help regulate indoor temperatures, reduce drafts, and create a more comfortable living environment. In addition, energy-efficient home may help save money on energy bills, which will be a direct benefit for your home.

Security Camera Installations

A camera pole that enhances the value of your home.

Security camera installation is yet another piece of home technology that can helpincrease the value of your home.

First, it can help deter crime – security cameras are an effective deterrent to crime, and their presence can help prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. This can be a selling point for potential buyers who are concerned about safety and security.

In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have installed security cameras, as they are seen as a proactive measure to prevent crime and protect the home. This can result in lower insurance premiums, which can be a good selling point for potential buyers.

Plus, security cameras bring peace of mind by allowing remote monitoring – many modern security cameras can be accessed remotely, allowing homeowners to monitor their property from anywhere in the world. This can be especially appealing to buyers who travel frequently or have second homes, as it provides an extra level of security and peace of mind.

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Interior design, other custom upgrades like sockets and lighting can help increase the value of your home.

Improved looks, energy efficiency and functionality are among the ways how lighting can help make you home a more desirable investment for potential buyers.

Custom lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by highlighting architectural features, creating focal points, and setting a mood. This can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase its overall value.

In addition, custom lighting can also be designed to be energy-efficient, which can be a selling point for environmentally conscious buyers. Energy-efficient lighting can help lower utility bills and reduce a home’s carbon footprint which can be a benefit for you & for the future buyers.

Don’t forget that custom lighting can also improve the functionality of your home by providing task lighting in areas such as the kitchen, home office, or bathroom. This can make your home more appealing to potential buyers who are looking for a functional and practical living space.

Bathroom Renovations

A modern bathroom with a glass shower and sink that enhances the value of your home.

Bathroom renovations are often considered one of the most valuable home improvement projects because they can provide a high return on investment.

A renovated bathroom can increase the functionality and aesthetics of the space, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Upgrades such as new fixtures, tile, flooring, and lighting can create a more modern and luxurious look and feel.

Additionally, a renovated bathroom can increase the functionality of the space by improving storage, adding a more efficient layout, or even adding new features such as a spa tub or a walk-in shower. This can be especially appealing to buyers who are looking for a more luxurious and functional bathroom.

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In terms of return on investment, bathroom renovations can provide a high return, especially if they are done well and are in line with current design trends. According to some estimates, bathroom renovations can provide a return on investment of 70-80%, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Overall, investing in your home can be a valuable and fun way to spend time & money. This way your home will be more enjoyable while you live there, but also will be more desirable for potential buyers.

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