How To Create That Cosy And Warm Winter Ambience Without Polluting The Air

With the colder nights and frosty mornings, there is nothing better than being at home in a cosy and warm space. There are many ways that you can create this environment, but some of those, such as wood burners, can also be polluting. Let’s look at how you can create that cosy and warm winter ambiance without polluting the air. 

Buy an Electric Heater

Central heating can be costly to run all the time, and sometimes you just want to create a warm atmosphere in one room instead of heating the whole house. This is where you can use an electric heater to give you the warmth you need for those winter nights. 

You can now purchase some energy efficient models that won’t cost a lot of money to run. If you buy a portable version, then you can effectively heat whatever room you are in at the time. 

Stop the Draughts

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere, you don’t want to have cold air blowing across the floor or through the windows. 

It is a good idea to check your home for draughts so that you are not using too much energy to heat your home. It will also help you create a warm space when you need it. 

Try adding draught excluders to the bottom of doors and hanging large curtains at the windows that are lined to stop the draughts. 

Cover Cold Floors

In the summer, having tiled or wooden flooring is much cooler and easier to keep clean. However, in the winter, these floors can become cold and make the room seem colder as a result. 

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To help make the room seem warmer, try adding large rugs to the room so that you won’t get the cold floor when walking across the room. It will also help to eliminate echo in the room and give a cosier atmosphere. 

Change the Colour

Sometimes, the look of a room can be as important at the temperature. If your room is full of cold colours, such as blue, then it will make the room seem colder than it is. 

Think about changing the colours in the room to warmer shades of red, orange, brown and gold so that it gives a warmer feeling to the room. 

This can also be used in the accessories you use and the colours of furniture as well. It will all help you to create a warmer appearance and a cosy feel to the room. 

Consider the Lighting

Along with the colour and temperature of the room, you also need to think about the lighting. If your room is too bright, it can stop the room from feeling cosy and warm. Think about where you are putting your lights and consider lamps and other lighting apart from the main light. 

By having the lamps on instead of the main light, you will see a darker and warmer effect that will make the room seem cosy and comforting. 

And there you have it. These are just a few of the ways that you can make your home seem warmer and more inviting when the winter season arrives. 

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