Fresh Fall Decorating Ideas

Turquoise pumpkins decorated as Easter eggs on porch.

The fall season is a time to change your decorating.  Bring out the pumpkins, haystacks and colorful leaves for display.  This year, why not try a different approach.  Perhaps you’re tired of the oranges, browns and yellows of traditional fall décor.  Maybe this color palette doesn’t quite fit your interior.  Or perhaps you are just ready to try something new.  Here are some fresh fall decorating ideas to inspire you to create something non-traditional this season.

A table is decorated with fresh white pumpkins and candles for fall.

White Pumpkins

White pumpkins have gained popularity over the last few years, making it easier than ever to create more neutral fall displays.  For fresh fall decorating, group white pumpkins of various sizes together and add some greenery for a festive centerpiece.

Fresh fall decorating with white pumpkins in a basket.
White pumpkins take center stage in this fall arrangement (Pinterest)

Center large white pumpkins on the table and scatter smaller ones along a runner.  Add ivy, leaves and other natural elements to complete the look.

Fresh fall decorating with a table adorned with white pumpkins and ivy.
Various sizes of white pumpkins create a lovely fall centerpiece (

Magnolia leaves, nuts and pine cones create a charming centerpiece when used with a mixture of green and white pumpkins.

A table setting with fresh fall decorating accents of white pumpkins and green leaves.
White and green pumpkins placed on magnolia leaves with pine cones and nuts make a beautiful centerpiece (HGTV)

Mix it up a little by stenciling a pattern onto a white pumpkin.  Accent a display with green leaves, moss and pretty glass vases.

A fresh fall mantle with pumpkins.
Work with stencils to paint designs on pumpkins for a fresh fall display (

Hydrangea blooms and feathers add a wonderful natural accent to a gold-painted pumpkin for a sophisticated autumnal display.

A fresh fall mantel adorned with a vase of flowers and a jar of feathers.
Blue and green hydrangea blooms and feathers accent this fall display (

Teal Pumpkins

Teal pumpkins add a distinctive flair to fall decorating.  They also are a symbol for food allergy awareness.  Teal pumpkins displayed on your front porch signify to trick-or-treaters that you are handing out non-food treats at Halloween.

A fresh fall decorating display featuring blue and white pumpkins on a table.
Painted pumpkins perk up this fresh fall décor (Pinterest)

Create your own pumpkins in any color you want with burlap and string.  Add a few decorative accents or keepsakes for a truly personal display.

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Homemade pumpkins add texture to fall decorating (

Glass Pumpkins

Glass pumpkins are a fresh fall decorating trend.  They come in an array of beautiful colors and styles that integrate nicely into your décor.  Bubbled, Murano-style, crackled, metallic and clear glass pumpkin designs offer a fresh take on fall decorating.

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Three fresh green pumpkins on a table.
Beautiful glass pumpkins for a fresh take on fall décor (
Three fresh blue glass pumpkins for fall decorating on a table.
The soft greens and blues of these glass pumpkins add a non-traditional appeal to fall décor (Pinterest)
Fresh fall decorating with two blue and yellow glass pumpkins on a table.
Glass pumpkins come in an array of beautiful colors (Pinterest)
A table is set with fresh fall decorating.
Lighted glass pumpkins (available at Pottery Barn) illuminate a table setting (Pinterest)
Fresh fall decorating: Three silver pumpkins are sitting on a tray.
Metallic pumpkins make a fresh approach to fall decorating (

Fresh Fall Decorating

A few simple changes to your décor can bring your interiors into season.  Add a few autumnal accents to the mantle.  Place a few colorful pumpkins on the hearth.  Hang a leaf garland and display lighted branches.

A fireplace mantle adorned with fresh fall decor.
Non-traditional fall décor is a fresh take on the season (

More ways you can bring fresh fall decorating to your living room is by adding a thick throw to a chair or the sofa.  Bring in additional throw pillows and natural elements, such as pine cones.  A few well-placed pumpkins in various neutral colors add a subtle fall vibe.

A living room with a gold coffee table.
Simple touches can add fall flair to your home (
A fresh living room with a gray couch and gold pillows.
Details of fresh fall décor (

Bring Nature Inside

Natural accents such as cotton stems, feathers, branches and leaves enhance a fall home.  Integrate these elements into your fall displays.

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Adding neutral accents to a display of white pumpkins keeps the display modern and fresh (
A fresh fall mantel decorated with pumpkins.
A simple fall arrangement to mark the season (

Wicker baskets, greenery in crock pots and marbled green pumpkins add a farmhouse flair to this display.

A living room with fresh fall decorating, featuring a white couch and wicker baskets.
Bright and natural fall décor (

A simple linen table runner can be accented with a display of pumpkins, flowers, cotton stems and pine cones for natural appeal.

A fresh fall decorating idea featuring a dining room table adorned with pumpkins and a chalkboard.
Farmhouse chic fall décor (Pinterest)

White crockery and natural elements create a simple neutral fall display.

A fresh fall coffee table adorned with pumpkins and a white jug.
Simple natural elements create a fresh fall display (

For just a touch of traditional fall color, place a few stems of colorful leaves in a vase.  Small pumpkins or other gourds can be used at each place setting to accent a dinner.

A dining room with fresh fall decorating featuring a white table and chairs.
Adding branches of leaves brings a pop of color to this fall setting (

If you crave a bit more color, use fruits and vegetables for a splendid natural centerpiece.  Fall vegetables such as eggplant, turnips and purple cabbage are rich in color and make wonderful display objects.

A fresh table setting adorned with a large arrangement of greens and purples.
For more color in your fall décor, bring in fruits and greenery (HGTV)

Don’t Forget the Front Porch

Make first impressions count with a fresh approach to fall decorating at your front door.

A wicker basket filled with pumpkins for fresh fall decorating.
Fresh outdoor decorating ideas for fall (

Display lanterns among pumpkins, decorative cabbages and greenery for a lovely sophisticated welcome.

Lanterns, greenery and white pumpkins make a beautiful front porch display (

Cornstalks, mums and pumpkins speak of fall and give guests a bright and fresh welcome.

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A front porch freshly decorated for fall with white pumpkins and corn.
A fresh fall greeting (

When you’re ready for something fresh and new for this fall season, experiment with other colors and textures.  Highlight natural elements in your displays throughout the home.  You don’t have to adhere to the set colors of traditional fall décor.  Create your own fall color palette that integrates with your home.  For this change of season, embrace the fresh and new.





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