Design Ideas from Extraordinary Bathrooms

A monochrome bathroom design with a tub and sink.

Follow some of the design patterns of the bold bathrooms mentioned in this article to make a statement. From onyx walls to chandelier: create a spectacular image for your bathroom!

Moroccan Tile Bathroom

Use Moroccan tiles to create an amazing bathroom. Add in the mirror, x-shaped scone with a vintage sink to make it luxurious.A bathroom with a black and white tiled floor showcasing a modern design.

Boating Bathroom

There is no other way to make a bathroom a fun place to be in than by using a theme of boating. It requires a functional work of art to make it up to the name of the theme!A bathroom with a wooden bathtub and a wooden statue showcasing design.

Attic Bathroom

It would be an amazing experience to take bath while looking outside the window at the trees and birds surrounding the property. It is very alluring to take a bath which is nestled under the leaves.A monochrome bathroom design with a tub and sink.

Shell-filled Bathroom

Make use of the walls in your bathroom by creating narrow strips of moulding by using art and antique products that are fit for a bathroom!A sea shell design bathroom.

Onyx Bathroom

Create a luxurious bathroom by using onyx for your master bath walls. For a lush bathroom use marble and onyx flooring and vintage scones. Use dark coloured marble and onyx.Design a black and gold bathroom with a marble bathtub.

Concrete Bathroom

To create a concrete bathroom use raw concrete walls and a sleek glass shower. Note that there is a staircase which leads to this mysterious bathroom.A design-focused bathroom featuring a glass shower and stairs.

 An All-over-tile Bathroom

Tiles are very much common when it comes to bathroom designing. Contrast the tiles with something antique like a 19th century painted wrought iron washbasin. A designed bathroom with blue tiled walls and a white sink.

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