Creative Bathroom Tiles Ideas You’ll Be Tempted to Try

A bathroom with green and white tiled walls.

Minimalist bathroom tiles and trends may be here to stay, but if you are tired of staring at plain tiles every time you sit on your toilet, now is the time to give your boring design a splash of style. With countless options, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Tiles come in numerous colors and the versatility of the material makes it seamlessly customizable. Luckily, we have some vibrant ideas that can give you an excellent starting point.

1. Earthy

If you want your wall to give off a warm and moody atmosphere, then try reclaimed slate tiles. When paired with mahogany flooring, slate tiles can make your bathroom pleasantly earthy.

A bathroom with a wooden floor and tiled walls.

2. Geometric tricks

Geometrically unique tiles like the hexagon marble plates on this bathroom add visual interest without compromising the intentionally monochromatic design.

A monochrome bathroom featuring black and white tiles and a glass shower door.

For some more adventurous experimentation with shapes, have a look at the bathroom below, whose tiled floors lend a traditional feel, while the reflective wall tiles give off a modern accent reflecting all the colors in the room.

A blue and white bathroom with modern tiles.

3. Red explosion

Play with pixelation by using non-uniform tiles like the ones in this next bathroom. Non-uniform tiles remove the boring and replaces it with wonderful visual movement.

Red and white tiled bathroom walls.

4. Crisp white

White could be the most popular tile color in the world but that doesn’t make it non-beneficial to creative designers. This beautifully minimalist bathroom, for instance, has been covered in small, ultra-white tiles that create a sleek modern space. Notice how the small pops of color in the room breaks monotony perfectly.

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A white bathroom with yellow stool and bathroom tiles.

5. Vividly multi-colored

Choosing a uniform color for your bathroom can be great for simplicity, but if you are an adventurous art-enthusiast, you probably want to push the boundaries. In this bathroom, playful paint splattering meets classic stripes for a pattern clash of the ages.

A bathroom with colorful striped wall tiles.

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