The Secret Tips to Make Your Bathroom like a Luxurious Spa

A bathroom is an essential part of a home. Just like the kitchen, bathrooms are the busiest place in the house. Particularly on a weekday morning when everyone in the family is getting ready for a shower! However, it’s not only the family members who the bathroom needs to appeal to.

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It must be sophisticated and attractive in case you have visitors spending a day or two. The first impression is vital, and your bathroom will help you shape those impressions. If your bathroom looks tired and outdated, its time you consider upgrading it.

While you might not have enough cash to update it, there are numerous ways to brighten it up and update it without breaking a bank. Here are some of the ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom.

Update the Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom with white cabinets and a toilet.

An outdated vanity can be upgraded using a fresh coat of paint together with shiny new drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. This DIY technique can play a role in making sure your bathroom has a new look.

Consider a high gloss white for a modern and dramatic statement. If you can’t upgrade your cabinetry with a facelift, the best thing is to replace it. Prefab vanities are designed with standard sizes that can be installed in the footprint of your cabinetry.

Add Space and Light with a New Mirror

A bathroom with gray walls.

A mirror can be a great addition to your bathroom. They will improve the perception of the space and make it look larger. Additionally, they tend to give the illusion of light. When you put a mirror on the facing wall to the window, sun rays will hit the mirror and be reflected in the entire room.

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Additionally, contemporary mirrors can integrate all types of gadgetry such as lighting, clocks, demister pads, and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone to allow you to play music as you shower.

Install Mew Metals

Are your plumbing fixtures looking old-fashioned? Then get a bathroom makeover ASAP! Nickel metals will give you a traditional spa look or try the bronze with a sleek silhouette in case you want to warm up space.

Upgrade your shower with a luxurious rainfall showerhead. Or if you use a bathtub, add a fancy separable head to achieve a luxurious touch. Replace the toilet paper holder and towel holder with new hardware with gilt that matches the faucet.

Add New Decorations

Bathroom accessory and new decorations will help enhance the appearance of the bathroom. You can achieve this by adding bright contrasting towels. Replace those dated toilet roll holders, robe hooks, shelves, and towel rings with a fresh matching set with either a traditional or modern style.

You can use chrome covered brass accessories since they can last long. Instead, you can purchase fancy bathroom accessories such as patterned shower curtains.

Paint the Bathroom Walls

A man is painting a bathroom with a paint brush.

Use a “less-is-more” methodology when it comes to making your bathroom’s palette. The most thalassotherapy centers summon images of crunchy, pacifying neutrals organic shades such as green and blue. Therefore, ensure you keep the color scheme simple and clean. You can use warm white or cool gray.

If you are determined on colors, try the pale blue, mint green or light lavender. Resist bold and energetic colors. Installing wainscoting or applying a textured wallpaper such as grasscloth will give more texture.

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Upgrade Bathroom Lighting

Lighting can break or make your room. Avoid harsh overhead fluorescent lighting fixed on the ceiling, and use can lights. For high-quality lighting, put sconces on both sides of the vanity. The height guarantees that you’ll have optimum light while grooming.

Renew the Tile Grout

A white tiled bathroom wall with a piece of paper on it.

A discolored grout makes your bathroom to look unattractive and old-fashioned. Especially in the shower area, an orange/pinky layer can form on the once sparkling lines of grout. Even after you clean, they can reappear quickly.

Therefore, one effective way to liven up your bathroom is to renew the grout. For a suitable long-lasting solution, use your hand to remove the old grout and refill and point with fresh grout. For fast and cost-effective work, clean the grout and paint it using a grout pen.

Update the Flooring

An average bathroom is relatively small. So, updating the flooring shouldn’t break your bank. Therefore, if your bathroom has a carpeted flooring, its time you upgrade it to a hygienic tile, vinyl or laminate floor.

Tiling can be costly, and laminates might be tricky to install as you might have leaks unless you purchase quality materials. For a quick and good-looking floor installation, you can consider vinyl flooring.

Final Word

The truth is that you don’t have to break your bank to improve the feel and appearance of your bathroom. If you don’t have enough cash for a complete bathroom makeover, there are other simple ways to make your primping room attractive. Use these great ideas to transform your bathroom to a spa-like a haven.

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