How to Choose a Drop Dead Gorgeous Red Lipstick

Woman with red lipstick holding sparkler.

Red lipstick is trending hot look that’s classic at the same time. Most women will agree that they love red, but it scares them. It’s hard to find that perfect shade of red that complements you.

Red lipstick makes you feel confident and sassy. When chosen well, it can also make your lips appear more sculpted and your teeth look whiter.

A close up of a woman's lips with red lipstick.
Indeed, the right red will make your teeth appear pearly white.

Seek Professional Opinions

When choosing a red lipstick, skip the drugstore. Head to a professional makeup counter where you can try on several shades before you make a purchase. While beauty counters are more costly than the drugstore, you’ll avoid the purchase of yet another lipstick that ends up tossed in the drawer, never to be used again.

Makeup brushes and red lipstick in front of a mirror.
Try on several reds before you commit.

All Reds Are Not Created Equal

Red lipsticks are not all the same! Reds have either a blue or an orange tone. If you’re not sure what this means, ask the makeup counter advisor for guidance. They will help point you to the red for you. Remember, they work on commission and are there to help you make a perfect selection and purchase the best product.

A close up of a woman with red lips wearing red lipstick.
Red lips are always in style.

Red Lipstick for Every Skin Tone

When you’re choosing a red lipstick, keep your skin tone in mind. While some people try to complement their hair color, that should be only a secondary consideration. You should primarily select a red that works for your skin tone.

  • Cool Undertones: If you have a pink or red undertone, you have a cool complexion. Choose blue-toned reds for a regal look.
  • Warm Undertones: Do you have an olive or a slightly yellow complexion? You’re a warm undertone. Orange-toned reds will pop like crazy against your skin.
  • Neutral Undertones: If your skin tone is free of both olive or yellow tones and red or pinks, you are lucky! You have a truly neutral undertone. This means that you can pull off virtually any shade of lipstick.

    A woman wearing red lipstick.
    There’s a perfect red for every woman, regardless of complexion.

Head out with confidence and select the perfect red. You’ll feel sexy and sexy as you strut through your day.

How to choose a drop dead gorgeous red lipstick.
Red lips keep you feeling sexy and sassy. Learn how to choose a drop dead gorgeous red lipstick.
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