4 Bathroom Tile Ideas to Improve Your Shower Room

We all dream to have beautiful bathrooms; bathrooms with a grand setting, high ceilings, a shower room with marbles, and maybe a freestanding bath.

Sadly most of us have bathrooms with tiny space that limit us from making them look exactly the way we want them.

A bathroom with green and white tile and a sink showcasing tile ideas.

But you don’t have to worry even if you have a small bathroom. There’s something you can still do to make it look just the way you want it. Even with space restrictions, there’s this one thing you can change – and that is the decoration.

If you know of some of the bathroom tile ideas, you can turn your bathroom into one of the desirable bathrooms you have probably watched on TV shows, seriously.

A bathroom with blue and white tile for inspiring ideas in bathroom décor.

A modern bathroom with black and white tiled wall showcasing creative bathroom tile ideas.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the bathroom tile ideas you can implement starting today and get the look you have always desired for your small bathroom.

Let’s get started.

1. Leverage Light When Space is Limited

A bathroom with a sink, mirror, and towel rack, featuring stylish bathroom tile ideas.

A bathroom with pink tile ideas.

Don’t overlook the color of your bathroom tiles because it can significantly change the look of your entire shower room. Now, most people will prefer to go with cream, white, or maybe light grey when it comes to choosing the colors of their bathroom tiles.

And this is because neutral colors help with making the room calm, which will be suitable for a small bathroom like yours. That being said, you need to select a neutral color scheme that will give you the illusion of better space within your bathroom.

2. Think Patterned Tiles

A blue and white bathroom with stylish bathroom tile ideas.

A bathroom with blue tiled walls.

If you choose to use patterned styles, then there are chances that your bathroom space will seem very limited. So be a little bit skeptical before making a decision on this. Now, one of the best bathroom tile ideas you can implement is to include a feature wall with patterned tiles. Doing this will not only keep your eyes away from the floor but will also create a good impression on your guests.

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3. Use Reflective Surfaces Where Space is Limited

A modern bathroom with tiled walls.

A bathroom with green tiles and a glass shower stall.

If you have a small bathroom, you need to know that light will play a significant role in determining whether the room will look large or small. One of the best bathroom tile ideas is to leverage mirror, glass and glossy finish. The reason why you want to use a glossy finish is that it allows light to bounce in the room. Additionally, the mirrored finishes will give the feeling of more space.

4. Prevent the Confinement Feeling

A red and white sink bathroom with stylish tile ideas.

A white bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub showcasing modern bathroom tile ideas.

The truth is that a small bathroom can bring a confinement feeling, which may not be pleasing. One of the bathroom tile ideas you can implement is to tile your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling using the same tiles to bring uniformity. This will ultimately bring the feeling that the room is spacious.

Wrap Up

A bathroom with green tile walls and a green tub.

There you have it. You can start implementing these bathroom tile ideas right now and improve the look and space in your bathroom. It’s good to try each of the ideas and see which one works best for you.

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