Creating a Perfect Beach Themed Living Room on a Budget

A beach themed living room with blue and white decor.

If you’re looking to remodel your home on a budget, then a beach themed living room is a calculated move.

Why? Because doing it right can mean a long-lasting coastal appeal without breaking the bank. This wood-dominated style looks better in shades of white (and sometimes blue) that help trigger the seaside déjà vu. A well placed piece of wave art can make all the difference in creating the perfect beach themed space.

A beach-themed living room with white furniture and blue accents.           A beach-themed living room featuring wicker furniture and an ocean view ladder.

Your beach themed living room must also connect to outdoor, like most do, to get the authentic nature-inspired look.

The Primary Elements of the Coastal Design

A beach-themed living room with large windows and a couch.

To create the perfect beach style living room, make sure to include the following elements;

  1. Natural Wood with thin clear lines
  2. Blend white and hues of blue
  3. Use warm, colorful fabrics
  4. Open architectural elements like ceiling beams
  5. Connect to outdoors

A beach-themed living room with a brightly colored ceiling fan.

A beach-themed living room with pictures on the wall and a couch.

You must also try to achieve roominess or spaciousness, include touches of natural vegetation, and bring the old rustic feel to complete your coastal design.

 Designing a Beach themed Living Room on a Budget

Beach-themed living room with ocean view.

Cost is the number one concern when you want a new look for your house. So how would you love a design that satisfies your desires without ripping you off?

The coastal design allows you to use what you already have—like furniture— and incorporate affordable materials and decorations you can source without a strain. While most materials are affordable, furniture an be expensive. Luckily, online loans can cover those costs to create the perfect beach themed living room!

A beach-themed living room with a view of the ocean.

That said, prepare for your future coastal room project with these cost-effective tips;

Making the Most Out From Your Fireplace

1. Use one or two theme colors

A beach-themed living room with a fireplace.

Coloring in coastal design can be as economical as sticking to White. It is the standard for beach-inspired models. You can also place the prettiest flowers right on the table.

But you can always add a second color, most preferably blue, if you want to achieve a beautiful contrast and a livelier space.

A beach-themed living room with a view of the ocean.

Other times, you won’t even need to worry about a lot of painting because natural wood dominates your beach theme.

2. Delicately striped fabrics 

A living room with a white couch and pink pillows in a beach themed setting.

A beach themed living room with a turquoise couch and a coffee table.

Warm, cozy, and delicately striped fabrics (in multiple colors) are a classic feature in coastal designs.

Most of these fabrics or furniture can be sourced on a reasonable budget or made at home with what you already have.

3. Go wood on wood

A beach-themed living room with couches and a coffee table.

Letting timber dominate your beach themed living room is an economical idea. Go wood on wood on floors, walls ornamented with wall mirrors, and ceiling beams.

Expose the wooden ceilings, paint walls creatively, and then use thick lively fabric to achieve a luxurious living room.

4. Add floor-to-ceiling windows 

A blue and white beach themed living room with white furniture.

Because you want to connect to the outdoors, using floor-to-ceiling windows is not a bad idea.

Large windows paired with light curtains can welcome nature into your living, and decorate your space for free.

5. Accessorize like a pro 

A beach-themed living room with a blue couch and a ceiling fan.

Use minimalist decoration for your coastal room. Experiment with free-standing furniture, vegetation on vases, a conspicuous metallic shelf, an antique cabinet, and so on.

You can also decorate by exposing affordable beach-themed utensils like plates, pots, cups, glasses, etc., on an open wooden shelf.

A large beach-themed living room with a fireplace and large windows.

Add embellishments with elements of octopus, turtles, crabs, shells, and starfish, to achieve that coastal appeal like a pro.

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6. Slide a rug underneath to break the wood monotony

A beach-themed living room with blue stools and a fireplace.

Sliding a contrasting single- or multi-striped rag on top of your wooden floor can help attract more attention to your living room.

Make sure the rug blends well with the fabric in your furniture.

7. Do the slipcover magic—transform your furniture into coastal-style

A beach themed living room with blue furniture and a fireplace.

A screened in porch with green floors and white furniture, perfect for a beach themed living room.

In the coastal theme, a new look does not always mean a new set of furniture. You can do a quick upgrade by adding beach-themed slipcovers to your existing couches and chairs.

Warmer fabrics like canvas and linen can look good in your living room, but osnaburg and muslin are a smart choice if you’re on a budget.

8. Light up your beach themed living room

A beach themed living room with lots of white furniture.

Lighting is everything to a coastal-style design, you want to declutter everything, arrange minimally, and install larger windows to let in more light.

You can also add mirrors to your living room to reflect more light. But space on your roof (or a light tunnel) can help illuminate your area to unique coastal interior design.

9. Bring in sea features 

A beach-themed living room with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan.

Nothing takes you close to the coastal life than an indoor pond in your living. Again, this does not have to be expensive. Do your research to discover the many ways to add sea features to your indoors.

Simplicity is the key!

A beach themed living room with a white couch and a glass coffee table.

Keep everything simple, and the result will be a masterpiece. Do not clutter your coastal space with what you do not need, or it will lose its charm.

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