Nine Tools Your Vegetable Garden Must Compulsorily Have


Success in gardening is determined by a lot of things. One of them is the right gardening tools. A comprehensive list of these essential tools is listed below to help you navigate through your gardening work with ease and make a beautiful vegetable garden.


Gloves act as a barrier between you and unpleasant elements in your vegetable garden. With many varieties out there. Look for one that gives you great comfort.


A hoe is essential for digging out weeds and preparing your garden for planting. Get a hoe that’s wide and flat with a sharp blade and comfortable handle.

Hand Trowel

vegetable garden

A hand trowel will help you in planting and transplanting your seedlings. Get one with a strong connection between the handle and the blade.

Garden Folk

A vegetable garden folk is great for turning the soil and composite manure or scooping the mulch.

Garden Hose

You will need a garden hose to water your plants. Depending on the size of the garden, get one that’s long enough to water the whole garden.


You need not make a dozen trips to transport your seedlings, composite manure, or mulch. Be efficient and get a wheelbarrow.

Level the surface

Before embarking on the planting exercise, you need a rake to clear the stones, gather weeds and level the surface of the garden.

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Watering Can

vegetable garden

A watering can with a sprinkler head works best on seedlings or a small vegetable garden where a hosepipe proves to be an unreasonable investment.


Your gardening arsenal won’t be complete without a spade. A spade is essential for digging holes when planting and lifting dirt or sods from the vegetable garden.

As you invest in these tools, ensure you have a shade to keep them.  Make a habit of cleaning the tools after use and let them dry before storage. With this trick, your tools will last longer.