Perfect Plants for Your Dorm Room

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A college dorm is not the most comfortable option for living. It is hard for many students to switch from home comfort to a cramped and crowded dorm room. It is a kind of rite of passage and the first step toward an independent life.

However, there is a simple way to improve your living conditions. Thus, numerous experiments involving students have shown that the presence of plants improves concentration, memory, and productivity.

And not every student wants to be involved in a complex plant care routine even if they use services like and have more free time. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to some beautiful but undemanding plants that will not only help purify the air and improve your well-being but will also serve as décor. The following plants tolerate dust, dryness, drafts, lack of daylight, and even temperature changes.

1. Echeveria

Succulents may be the best choice thanks to their features. They are unpretentious and adorable. These plants love light and do not need to be watered often. And Echeveria is one of the brightest representatives of unpretentious succulents. The special structure of leaves and stems allows these plants to do without water for a long time. Even in the summer, it is enough to water Echeveria only once or twice a month.

In nature, it can be found in the deserts and rocky gorges of Mexico. However, Echeveria will feel comfortable on your window sills in a dorm room. Sometimes at the end of winter, orange-yellow and red-brown inflorescences appear on its leaves. The plant is rarely affected by pests, and it loves dry air and an abundance of sunlight. Besides, Echeveria can be planted in special multi-level pots and used to create vertical panels.

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2. Bromeliad

There are thousands of different species of this plant. Bromeliad is a little pickier in comparison with the other options presented here, but it has one huge advantage – it cleans indoor air pollution. Numerous studies have shown that bromeliad copes with six out of the eight volatile organic compounds. Thus, if you watch your health and want to get a natural air purifier, pay attention to this plant.

A tropical plant in a white pot displayed against a white background.

3. Zamioculcas

It doesn’t bloom but retains its freshness and intense color both in the shade and in the sun. The composition of the soil is also of little importance for it. An adult plant can grow up to 1.5 m and is more suitable for spacious rooms. You can run into this tropical plant in airports and shopping malls.

The plant feels comfortable next to sources of hot and dry air, for example, near your PC. If you accidentally forget to water it because you are busy with college paper writing and other stuff, nothing bad will happen. The only drawback of the plant is the poisonous juice, which causes skin irritation. Therefore, it is better to replant it using gloves.

A small plant in a room on a wooden table.

4. Chlorophytum

It is one of the most undemanding plants. Thus, it needs a little light, a little water, and it can easily tolerate drafts. At the same time, it can forgive your mistakes, for example, if you water it abundantly. By the way, it multiplies very quickly and is considered one of the most effective indoor air purifiers. 

A green plant in a pot on a white background, perfect for room decor.

5. Sansevieria

It is one of the most viable plants. It can go without water and sun for several weeks. Moreover, even after such a test, the color and shape of its leaves restore in record time. The plant also tolerates dust, dry air, drafts, and complete absence of fertilizers. In the summer months, it is enough to water sansevieria once every ten days, and in the winter, it can be about twice a month.

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If you have a dark dorm room, this plant is the perfect solution. Its strict and laconic forms will harmoniously fit into both a brutal loft interior and a high-tech room. It has gained great popularity not only due to its survivability. This elegant plant actively absorbs harmful substances and destroys pathogenic bacteria.

A snake plant on a table.

6. Peace Lily

You will like it for its spectacular look. Besides, the plant moisturizes the air well and cleans it from household toxins. The homeland of Peace Lily is the tropics of South America. In nature, you can find it in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela. Despite its exotic origin, Peace Lily is one of the most undemanding plants.

It is shade-tolerant and does not like excessive watering, especially in the cold season. But the plant must be protected from drafts and cold. If you choose a suitable place for Peace Lily, it will bloom almost all year round. It will fit into the interior of any dorm room. It is believed that this flower brings harmony and well-being to its owner.

Wicker basket containing a peace lily plant for room decoration.

7. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe accumulates moisture, withstands sudden temperature changes, loves the sun, and easily tolerates drought. It does not need spraying, frequent fertilization, and replanting. The basic rule of care is to use only room-temperature water. Unlike most other unpretentious plants, Kalanchoe has beautiful lush inflorescences.

They come in a wide variety of shades and barely smell. Moreover, Kalanchoe is not just a beautiful plant. Many diseases are treated with its juice, and the plant actively releases oxygen and disinfects the air at night. This natural decor is perfect for your dorm room. 

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