How to Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Design of a bedroom with blue walls and red furniture.

Kids grow very fast, and before you know it, you have an almost adult on your hands. Although it is every parent’s happiness to see their kids grow, it can be a nightmare, especially when you are expected to redesign their rooms every time they move up a grade or decide that their bedroom is now too dull or plain for their age.

But do you really need to keep redesigning their room every now and then to fit their rapidly changing personal tastes and preferences? No, not really. 

The following tips will help you design a bedroom that will grow with your child. The goal is to create a bedroom that will stand the test of time and still not limit your kid’s growth, adventurous spirit, and development potential.

Invest in Timeless Furniture

When our kids are young, we are often attracted to nursery items. Although this is not a bad thing, you will want to invest in pieces that will not need to be replaced after just a few years.

For instance, it is easy to dress a classic wrought-iron bed frame in different beddings as your kids grow up. 

If space is not a limitation, you could also invest in a double bed instead of a single bed. This is important not only because you might need to entertain guests in the future but also because your kid might need to bring his/her friends for a sleepover.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

It might be worth considering double-duty furniture, especially when transitioning a room from one fit for a toddler into one that is fit for an older child. 

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For instance, instead of looking for the standard changing table, you can think of getting a dresser or desk and then fit it with a padded changing mat. How is this beneficial?

Having such an arrangement means that while you get a changing table whenever you need it, your son or daughter has an already-made studying space when he/she starts school later in life.

When getting a bed for your kids, think outside the standard beds and consider getting one with built-in storage underneath. This means that apart from keeping the room tidy, you will also save on storage space.

A woman is sitting on a carefully arranged bed with books on it, showcasing a thoughtfully designed bedroom.

Involve Your Kids

While you are the one to make the final decision, you must remember that your kid’s bedroom is where he/she will spend most of his/her time.  It is therefore crucial that your kids feel safe and happy about their rooms. As they grow older and join the school, you should consider asking for their opinions regarding what should be present in their rooms. 

Making them part of the decision makes them feel respected, and they are more likely to take care of their rooms. They also won’t blame you or force you to replace something in the future, since after all, they made the decision, too.

However, you should also make them aware that although it’s their room, the bedroom is also part of your house. This is because, if allowed, kids can come with all manners of ideas, some of which cannot be accommodated in a home set-up.

Let them know which areas/issues are open for discussion and the ones that they have no say. By doing this, you will also be teaching them to become responsible people. Using your judgment as a caring and responsible parent, make sure that your kid feels at home while in their rooms.

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Invest In High-Quality Items, Beddings, and Mattresses

When going to do that shopping for your infant kid, don’t do it with plans of replacing those items a few months or a year later. 

Invest in high-quality furniture and items that will stand the test of time. 

When it comes to best kids mattress, choose a mattress that is not only durable but also that will make it easy for your kid to fall and remain asleep throughout the night. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is very crucial in kids that without a quality one may not do well where both physical and mental health is concerned.

If your kids fail to get enough quality sleep, then don’t expect them to do well in class or any other daily activities.

It is therefore essential that you provide a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment for your kids. 

Design a girl's bedroom with a bed and dresser.


Of course, you want to encourage your kids to grow and express their personalities. However, don’t forget that kid’s interests may change overnight!

The secret here is letting your kids customize and add personality to their rooms, yes, but don’t do it in a very expensive or permanent way.

Just ensure that the accessories are easily replaceable just in case your kid wanted to express another ‘personality’.

 Convenient Storage Spaces

Although your infant kid might not need any storage space now, trust me, they will need it as soon as they start playing with and throwing toys everywhere.

Ensure that you provide enough storage that is not only accessible for you but also for them. Let your kids learn to keep their items in the right places. 

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This is another area you will want to hear their views before deciding. This will enable them to know where and how to keep their clothes, books, and toys.

Like we mentioned earlier, go for raised beds with storage drawers beneath them. You can also include cabinets, trays as well as baskets. When arranging these items in your kid’s room, try placing them at the edges of the bedroom or in one corner so that you can leave a central area for your kids to play in.

Wrapping Up

When designing your kid’s bedroom, remember that nothing is permanent. However, these tips will help you get prepared and ready to adjust to their changing interests. This will help save you a lot of time, money and possibly avoid becoming a ‘nagging’ or ununderstanding parent.

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