How to Decorate a Children’s Room

Having children is a dream come true to any parent. Therefore, there are many aspects to consider when expecting a baby or bringing up kids; and top of them all being the children’s room. In this article, we will highlight several things to keep in mind when decorating your kids’ room.


Yeah, we all want our kids’ room to look as cozy and warm as possible. However, this should not be a reason to burn your wallet. How is this possible? Well, the first step is making a budget.

A doll's house with a doll in a carriage perfect for a children's room.
Non-expensive items are easy to dispose

Remember, children are clumsy, and you have to replace most of their room’s items every once in a while. Secondly, children outgrow most of their toys and other accessories, and non-expensive things are easy to dispose of.

Are you wondering how you to set a budget? Start by listing all the accessories you believe will suit your kids’ room. The second step is to search and compare the prices of different brands of items on your list. You can make adjustments based on qualities, sizes, and features. Here are essential points to consider

Wall Decorations

Like any other room, the walls of your children’s room play an important role in decoration. The walls of children rooms should present a touch of class with bright, cheerful colors. Unlike adults bedroom colors which invite you to rest, children’s rooms should have shouting colors which represent activeness, happiness, and play. Some great choices are mint blue, lilac, pastel pink, or mint green.

A vibrant children's room with a bed.
Walls play a great role in room decoration

Apart from coloring the walls, adding funny decorations improve the impression in the room. Vinyl is an excellent paint to use as it is easily erasable and you can update your drawings from time to time. Pasting funny anime characters from your kid movies is also a big plus. If your kids are old enough, you can let them do the painting and allow them to personalize their rooms.

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The wall theme should match the kids’ preference. Pink walls are perfect for your daughters while boys will go with anything dull. Therefore, you will want everything to fit your kids’ gender, preferences, and hobbies. The painting should be consistent with creating a unique setting that your child identifies with.

In case you are not ready to do the painting, wallpapers are increasingly popular, coming with premade themes at affordable prices. Wallpapers are ideal in keeping up with the trending topics.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Kids’ room should always feature simple and easy to use furniture. It is even better if this furniture is multifunctional.

A blue and white children's nursery room with a canopy.
Multi-purpose furniture saves space

Firstly, multifunctional furniture reduces crowding and creates more space for your kids to play. Instead of having a chair and a table for reading, a chair with foldable armrest can do. The same applies to beds; use a double-decker bed in case you have more than one kid sharing the room.

Babies grow fast, and they soon outgrow their baby crib. Luckily, some cribs can be turned into a bed whenever the need arises. Beds can also accommodate drawers for toys and books.


Light plays a crucial role in enhancing live in your kids’ room. However, it depends on the setting you would like to create in your kids’ room.

Children’s Room with blue walls and a bed.
Lighting, It enhances lives in kids’ room

Too much light enhances the excitement and is not ideal for rest. Luckily there are different types of lighting bulbs designed explicitly for children’s room. The best way to handle this is by installing different bulbs with separate switches; a bright and a dim bulb. The dim bulb is ideal for rest, and the switch should be close to the kids’ bed while the fluorescent lamp is suitable for indoor play.

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Windows are also ideal for older kids as long as they have grills.

Carpet the Floor

A baby playing on the floor with a toy in a children's room.
Carpets floor are suitable for children’s room

Carpeted floors are ideal for younger kids and toddlers who spent much time on the floor. Carpets are comfortable and will reduce pressure on your toddlers’ knees. They are also warm and ideal for wintery indoors.

Well, the carpet should match the rest of the decorations of the room. A Mat with animals’ prints such bears suits a child’s environment better. However, it should be frequently cleaned and disinfected with the rest of the kids’ accessories.

Play Corner

Any child’s room should have a play corner. Even your three-month-old baby needs some time away from the crib.

Well, most designers argue that room corners are ideal places for the kids’ play area. On the open end of the room, away from the furniture, you can set them a play zone with toys and other play accessories.

A black cat with a butterfly in its mouth in a Children’s Room.
Children’s room should have ample play space

Since kids love painting and collecting trophies, do not limit their display space for them. Provide stickers and corkboards for them to display their collections.

Older kids develop hobbies such as keeping turtles, rodents, and insects as they grow up. A pet structure is an excellent addition in their rooms unless the pet is dangerous. The room should accommodate other hobbies, such as painting, reading, and drawing.

Ample Storage

Kids grow up fast; unfortunately, most of them are never ready to let go of their toys as the years go by. Therefore, storage spaces should be considered, especially for older kids (above seven years).

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A Children's Room with a blue and white checkered floor.
Ample spaces help to grow kids intelligence

Toddler rooms should also have storage for baby items such as clothes, toys, and other accessories. Furthermore, it should be accessible to all parties looking after the child. Not only does this enhance the kids’ room, but it is also a safety measure.

I cannot emphasize enough that children grow fast and their rooms should metamorphose as fast. Furniture should match the kids’ height. High drawers for growers tend to lead to injuries, while low chairs and table are uncomfortable for older kids.

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