How to Use Geometric Prints for a Powerful Statement

A collage featuring geometric prints in a living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Geometric prints are happening. In fact, it’s very right now! Because these prints make add dimension and color, you can use them everywhere. Here are some ideas on how to use geometric prints to make your own powerful design statement.

Geometric Prints in Home Decor

From wallpaper prints to luxe textiles to furniture, geometric prints are everywhere right now.

Geometric wallpaper

What’s the easiest way to create a feature wall? Add a geometric print wallpaper. It draws the eye and makes an instant impact.

A hallway with geometric prints on black and white wallpaper and a mirror.
This foyer treats visitors to an eye-popping pattern. (wallpaperworldwide)
A dining room with a white table and chairs featuring geometric prints.
On the other hand, a smart decorator bedazzled this dining room with a more understated geometric print (wallpaperworldwide)

Geometric Print Furniture

Want whimsical?

A black and white chair in front of a window with geometric prints.
Or, does a classic black and white pattern suit your style? (
A dining room with two chairs and a table featuring geometric prints.
See how a geometric print makes this a statement in a neutral room? (overstock)
A living room with geometric prints on the couch.
Of course, it’s fun to make one geometric piece a focal point. (homedit)

Geometric print rugs

Because they are easily removed, geometric print rugs are a great solution for renters who can’t paint their walls!

A living room with geometric prints on the couch.
On the other hand, this rug adds contrast. (homedit)
A black and white rug with geometric prints in a room with a chair.
Concentric circles blend harmoniously. (westelm)

Geometric Textiles

Like the geometric rugs, textiles are also easy to change out when needed.

A bed with geometric prints.
Because it’s gender neutral, geometric prints are useful in any teen’s bedroom. (misterfoxesden)
A white couch with blue and pink geometric print pillows.
And geometric pillows are easy to change up. This is also an inexpensive way to keep up with the current trends. (throwpillowshome)
A living room with green and blue curtains featuring geometric prints.
Geometric curtains sweep the eye vertically. This can make a small room feel grander. (curtainsmarket)

In closing, geometric prints can make a powerful impact. They can take a neutral space from bland to colorful. Or, they can add dimension with bold pattern. However you use geometrics, have fun. And always remember to decorate your home to reflect your own style.

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