What First Time Homeowners Must Know About Their Bathrooms

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Buying a home for the first time is a stressful and extremely exciting experience.  You are also one of the lucky ones, the number of first time buyers is dropping year after year; property prices are simply too high.

You may be planning to remodel your home; most first time buyers like to place their own stamp on a property. But, this can be an expensive activity.

The likelihood is that initially you’ll need to live with what you have. This is why it is essential to know the following about your bathroom:


You need to know where you main valve is to your home. If you have an issue with your water then you can shut off the whole supply and save thousands of dollars worth of damage.

However, this also causes a considerable inconvenience. A well plumbed house will have valves on every appliance in the bathroom and kitchen.

You should check each faucet and verify where the valve is; this will allow you to shut off the relevant supply if there is an issue.

When you move into a home for the first time it can be difficult to deal with emergencies as you don’t know where all the necessary features are.

This is why it is a good idea to get a reputable plumbing service in. They can do more than help you locate valves. They will ensure your plumbing is in good condition and up to code.

In fact, a plumber will also help to ensure that you know where your pipes go. This can help to identify whether a leak is plumbing or building related.

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Potential Leaks

One of the other big concerns when you are a first time buyer is whether there are any leaks. Even a tiny drip can add a significant amount to your water bill; as well as potentially causing wet rot in your home.

The best idea is to turn off all your appliances and check to see if your water meter is still moving or not. If it is then you need the plumbing Detectives to help you locate the leak and rectify it.

The faster you do this the better for your water bills.

Water wastage

It is also worth checking the types of faucets which are being used and whether there is a pressure regulator.

Small caps on the faucets that add air into the water stream make a huge difference. They give you the feel of high pressure water without the excessive use.

You can even turn down your pressure regulator as you don’t need the flow to be so fast!


It is common to want to update your appliances but remodeling your bathroom is not a simple or cheap endeavor.

Instead of ripping everything out it is possible to replace the faucets, retile and add some fresh paint. You’ll be surprised at how effective this will be!

It is also possible to refinish a bath tub that has been scratched or even has small chips. If the tub is otherwise good then this is worth considering. If it is done properly you won’t notice the repair.

Cleaning It Up

If your home is brand new this should not be an initial but if it has been used by someone else then there is a good chance that the bathroom simply looks dated.

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A good clean to remove mold and mildew can do wonders for the look and feel of the room; this may be all you need to do!

Don’t assume your bathroom needs to be ripped out and replaced; there are other options which can save you time and money.


If you love the house but can’t stand the layout of the bathroom then this does not mean you need to continue house hunting.

It is possible to change the plumbing in your bathroom and move the shower, bath, sink or even the toilet.

But, it is advisable to get a reputable plumber in to help with this job and ensure everything is completed properly.

Although renovating a bathroom or a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects you can take n; it is also one of the most worthwhile.

Transforming your bathroom will make your house more comfortable and is likely to increase the resale value.

The Walls

If you’re a first time homeowner with little practical experience regarding the bathroom then you can be forgiven for thinking that wall paper will do.

The fact is that you must choose the wall covering according to its position in the bathroom. Around the sink, bath and shower you need tiles or an uPVC wall covering. This is not affected by the water.

Normal paint and wood will quickly become damaged allowing your walls to become damp and weak. This is not a good option.

The Lights

The same is actually true for your lights. Electrical switches, sockets and light fittings do not mix well with water. There are strict regulations regarding where they can be positioned in your bathroom.

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Pay attention the regulations for your own safety and to ensure your insurance remains valid.

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