Top 3 power showers to choose for your bathroom

Four pictures of power showers, showcasing a shower head and hand shower.

A power shower is a great addition to the bathroom space. It is going to add a new look/finish, it helps increase the home’s resale value and it is going to create more efficiency in the bathroom as well. When purchasing a new power shower, make sure you consider the cost of installation, as this could affect your decision. When choosing a new power shower, consider a few of these options to find the best fit for your bathroom.

Triton Seville

A power shower with a hand held shower head.This 7.5 kwatt shower head isn’t anything special. It does have several power settings, drizzle/water settings and speeds, turn dials and allows you to choose from cold high and other Eco-savings when showering. It will help reduce wasted/running water after showering. It is more efficient, water speeds are high and there are auto-timers as well, to help create more efficiency.


Aqualisa quartz 8.5

A powerful hand held shower head with a white design.Simple brushed finish, a rotary-dial to change power/pressure settings and a subtle glow around the push-button, allows you to adjust in dark or light settings. Temperature controls allow you to choose the perfect settings for your shower and water efficient mode spends less water during your shower, to avoid waste or spillover. Consistently good flow, temperature management and reasonable water speed settings, make this a great choice, even if you are on a budget.


Grohe Tempesta 100

A powerful handheld shower in a white bathroom.This is another power shower to consider. A dream shower spray engine has several features, water speed settings, a choice of three-sprays, rain and powerful jet speeds. It features simple rotary controls so there is no guesswork in operating it. It has two-tone finish options and you can choose efficient energy settings to ensure water savings with each shower you take.

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No matter what you are looking for in a showerhead, these three power showers are going to deliver. With different settings, efficiency ratings, and affordable entry-level pricing, they will work in any bathroom space, no matter what your budget is.

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