Raised Bed Gardening-Learn these Six Tips to Make it Easy

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Raised bed gardening stands out as the most convenient garden type when you do not have enough space yet you want to plant a variety of plants. With this garden, you can control the growth of weed and build the soil to match your gardening needs.

The soil stays fluffy throughout the year. To get the best out of your raised garden, integrate these tips into your raised bed gardening routine.

Eliminate Weeds

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Weeds drain the life out of your plants. To help you eliminate them, use an old carpet, wooden planks, piece of a cupboard or buy a weed barrier and place it beneath the raised garden. These barriers prevent weed from growing in your garden.

Add Compost Manure

Easy gardening with a raised bed filled with dirt.

As you plant annually, the soil loses its nutrients. The key is adding compost manure to boast the soil nutrient composition before your next panting season. Build your soil for maximum food production.

Drip Irrigation

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Have an irrigation system at hand before you plant. Installing soaker hose or drip irrigation earlier will save you the agony of having to use a horse pipe later.

Planting Cover Crops

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Cover crops are known to replenish nutrients into the soil, they enhance the soil’s ability to store oxygen, water and combat soil erosion. Consider planting cover crops annually; off-season or between crop rotation.

Worms are Beneficial

A worm in a raised bed garden.

During the planting season, grow your plants with worms. Worms are great at breaking organic materials that are beneficial to the plant. Also, their tunnels in the soil help improve soil aeration and the soil’s capacity to hold water.  Adding worms directly to your raised bed garden will help improve the soil structure.

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Keep it away from the Reach

Raised Bed Gardening-Use a shovel to dig up dirt in a garden.

The advantage of a raised garden is that the soil is always fluffy. Don’t ruin it by stepping on it. As you plan your raised garden layout, build it in such a way that you can reach every corner of the garden without stepping on it.

Invest time into making your raised garden ideal for growing vegetables and other plants. The more you put in boasting the soil structure, the higher the chances are of getting better results.

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