Design Your Tuscan Living Room in Eight Simple Steps

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Tuscan rooms combine coziness with slight roughness and warm natural shades that you will find in most homes in Tuscany, Italy.

If Tuscan is your new idea for a living room, then you must be eager to learn more about this amazing style.  

A Tuscan living room with beige walls and a fireplace.

You need to get the right design, which is a blend of earthy tones, and rustic features with some artistic elements to add looks to your living room. Natural timber, stone, wrought iron, marble, and tiles are other elements you must include.

The Main Features of Tuscan Living Room Design

Because the Tuscan living room design borrows from the looks of the Tuscany country villas, it is characterized by two main themes; 

A group of red vases on a wooden bench, bringing a touch of Tuscany to your backyard.

  1. Minimalism or simplicity: your Tuscan living room must be simple, spacious, and functional. 
  2. Naturalism: it must also bring nature indoors using natural material, cozy, earthy shades, and decorative vegetation.

A Tuscan style living room with a fireplace.

Other features worth mentioning include the artistic twist and old-school feel that you must strive to achieve.

Designing Your Tuscan Living Room

Tuscan living room with ornate furniture and fireplace.

So what should you consider when remodeling your living room into Tuscan design? 

Here’s a simple checklist that covers from coloring and materials to decoration and more.

1. Your Tuscan Materials

A Tuscan living room with yellow walls and red furniture.

 Wood, stone, tile, and marble are common materials in Tuscan floor designs. For walls, you can use Faux Paint or Plaster— or the bare brick wall to bring back the old-school.

Wrought iron and wood (dark shades) also look good on Tuscan furniture and decorations. 

2. Coloring Your Tuscan

Tuscan-inspired living room with wood beams and a fireplace.

A Tuscan living room with an ornate fireplace and chairs.

 Tuscan flaunts a nature-inspired palette that does an excellent job illuminating your room.

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Experiment with hues of beige, cream, and brown— or you can go for brighter shades like gold, yellow, orange, and Sienna. 

And of course, because the theme is nature, you can never go wrong with hues of green (sage and olive, for example).

3. Add a rustic touch

Tuscan living room

A cozy log cabin with a stylish mantel and a fireplace.

 You can add a rustic feeling to your Tuscan living room in many ways including;

  1. The use of warm natural color shades like cream, beige, yellow, gold, etc.
  2. Use a stone or tiled flooring.
  3. Use wrought iron stools, door handles, rails, and grills.
  4. Add artistic wall painting (like color-washing) to bring the old appeal.
  5. Add a Fireplace.

A Tuscan living room with red furniture and a chandelier.

You can also leave uncovered architecture, like exposed wooden ceiling beams, to achieve a rustic look.

4. Use Dark natural wood

Dark natural tones of wood can look lovely in your Tuscan living room. Use these on furniture like cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, etc.  

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A large Tuscan living room with ornate furniture and a fireplace.

An outdoor dining area with a table and chairs, where you can travel to Tuscany from your backyard.

Always contrast your dark timber with brighter wall and fabric colors for an appealing look. 

And if you like, you can even leave exposed wooden beams on your ceiling.

5. Include Touches of Wrought Iron

Add elements of wrought iron to your Tuscan room in the following ways;

A Tuscan living room with an ornate fireplace and wooden beams.

  1. Use wrought iron stair-rails if you have stairs
  2. Incorporate wrought iron stools or seats
  3. Blend wrought iron in you dark natural wood cabinets
  4. A chandelier is also an excellent way to add touches of wrought iron to your Tuscan

You can also use lighting hardware or different kinds of decorations made of wrought iron.

6. Leave floors uncovered

Travel to Tuscany with a chandelier.

An artfully designed dining room with a wooden table and chairs.

It’s always a good idea to avoid carpets and rugs. The Tuscan design draws its beauty from the flooring material used, whether tiles, marble, wood, or stone. Plus, this style comes from a high-temperature region where rugs can mean more heat.

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Bare floors brandish the beauty of the natural material used and can help create an excellent contrast with the warm tones of your walls. 

7. Invite the Tuscan garden into your living room

Tuscan living room with stone walls and a fireplace.

A Tuscan living room with orange furniture.

If you have enough space and a height roof, then a good idea is to build a Tuscan garden strategically. 

An indoors Tuscan garden should include vase flowers and pots arranged in a sunken area. Build according to your space; you want to ensure your garden stands freely and doesn’t obstruct movement. 

8. Accessorize your Tuscan living room

A Tuscan living room with wood beams and a fireplace.

Go for wood and wrought iron when accessorizing your Tuscan living room. Lighting devices, chandeliers, shelves, candle-holders, and any other accessory you need to add should be wooden or wrought iron.

A Tuscan living room with an ornate ceiling and a fireplace.

An old-style mirror and a fresco are other ways to garnish to your Tuscan. And if you’re bringing in a Tuscan garden, add large ceramic flower pots to achieve for a more artistic appeal.

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