How To Significantly Lower Your Pool Maintenance Costs

How would you like to cut your pool’s expenses in half?

Many pool-owners purchase a swimming pool for their families and shy away from simple, time-tested methods of maintenance because they seem unnecessary. Then they run into a wall and face expensive maintenance and refurbishing costs.

All of that is completely avoidable.

Running a pool can be incredibly economical and easy as long as you have a little know-how about the inner workings of a pool. You need to know just what to do when a problem arrives.

All you need to do is take advantage of some tips, tricks, and technologies to have a safe, comfy, and attractive-looking pool ready for a dive at a moment’s notice.

Pool Covers Are Your Best Friend

Imagine purchasing a simple tool that keeps your pool warm without heating, stops people from slipping into your pool, and reduces the amount of chlorine you need to manually add every week.

Pool covers can create savings of more than 75% on your heating bills, reduce water evaporation by more than 50% and even reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add by 60%.

They even come in dozens of pretty- looking colors that make your yard look elegant and pleasant.

Not only are pool covers mandatory in public pool areas to comply with safety regulations, a simple pool cover can catch hold of leaves, junk, and other debris from falling in.

Wind Breaks Double As Privacy Shields

Pool water evaporates just like any other water. A hot summer’s day can see your pool lose a ton of water. What seems a comforting breeze to you becomes a draft that takes your pool water and flies it up into the atmosphere, leaving you with increased chlorine costs and frequent water additions.

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A simple wind breaker stops the wind from hitting your pool water and makes your pool nicer to look at. You can keep your water requirements low, and enjoy some much-needed privacy at the same time with a simple wind break at your backyard pool.

Trim Nearby Trees And Branches

Any swimming pool looks wonderful with smatterings of foliage and exotic-looking trees around it. They create an atmosphere that relaxes the mind and body and transforms your pool into a relaxation zone. But trees and other greens can shed leaves onto your pool, or even fruits and collapsed branches if you don’t use a cover. Keep all pool flora at a distance and trim off any branches that creep over your pool’s surface to save you hours of headache later on.

You won’t need to spend an afternoon picking up fallen branches and fiddling with the filters to see what’s clogged them up this time.

Use The Right Filters

A small filter increases the amount of time you need to keep it running. A big filter decreases the amount of time you need to keep it running, but wastes electricity.

You want a filter that’s just right for your pool’s surface area, so you save on power bills while needing to run them as little as possible.

Look around to find pool filters that are the ideal size for the pool you have. A little planning and foresight here can save you a ton of money in the long run.

Consider Overnight Filtration Only

Many people keep their filters running 24/7 because that’s the laziest option. There’s no need to do this at all. Simply use your pool at your convenience during the day, and run your filters at night. This gives it plenty of time to clean the waters while letting you enjoy the pool during the day.

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Having specific timings for your pool maintenance also lets you settle into a routine. This makes it more likely you will regularly clean your pool and enjoy it after all the effort you’ve put in.

Get A Variable Pump

An unattended pump can end up consuming a ton of electricity without getting much done. Most pumps come in only two speeds, but you’ll benefit heavily from a variable pump that lets you change speed according to the demand. There are times when your pool requires a thorough cleaning, which a full speed pump excels at.

There are other times you want your pump running at minimal speed to simply keep the water moving. A variable pump can allow you more freedom over your electricity bill, and help you save on greenhouse gas emissions that all pumps emanate.

Regulate Your Pool Conditioner Frequently

A pool conditioner stabilizes the chlorine levels in your pool at an optimum level to keep it perfectly sanitized. Why do you even need a conditioner? Well, the harsh UV rays of the sun can eliminate the chlorine levels in your pool within hours without a conditioner. Then you can watch the algae bloom and the bacteria fill your pool without the protection that chlorine offers.

Regularly stabilizing your pool prevents you from needing to shock treat your pool and reduces the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add in the long run. Of course, a pool cover can simply protect your pool water from UV rays if you own one.

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh Your Filters

Your filters catch the biggest and baddest gunk that infiltrates your pool. Without a filter, your pool would be unusable. And yet, many people don’t think to regularly clean out their filters.

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Doing so prevents dirt from simply rotting in the hardware of your pool and lets your entire pool filter out more efficiently and smoothly in the long run.

Watch Your pH Levels

You can always use a simple test kit or dip strip to check on the chemical levels in your pool. Unchecked calcium can create stains and scaling along your pool walls and requires some serious money to fix. Bad pH levels can destroy vinyl pool liners or other metal components in your pool if you don’t have a fiberglass pool that can tolerate a lot of damage.

Neglecting your pool water’s chemical levels gives rise to huge problems that cost a ton to fix but cost little to prevent. Take regular care of your pool. Check your water chemicals routinely and take the help of professionals so you can even predict what the state of your pool will be in the long run.

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