4 Accessories to tidy up your garden

Tidy up your backyard by maintaining a green lawn.

As summer begins to roll back around, you may be looking at the disrepair of your garden filled with shame and foreboding. You had said that this year would be different, and you were going to keep on top of the garden, and yet here we are no further forward and what feels like light years behind. Fear not, this article will run you through some easy-to-buy accessories that will not only keep your garden tidy but won’t eat into your wallet.

Garden Planters

These handy garden accessories don’t only brighten up your garden but can add some serious organization into it. An outdoor planter can be used in a variety of ways such as along a fence or in place of a hedge to create a more intimate space in the garden or even at entrances to make a more luxurious entrance.

Anything from your regular plant pots to trees and shrubs can be placed in them and they are often decorated in modern and stylish fashions. Stop wasting time and digging holes. Get a planter in your garden.

Clearing out dead plants

Okay not quite an accessory in itself but certainly a tip to brighten up your garden. By clearing out all of the deadwood and plants you will immediately have a more open and inviting space that you can transform. One way you can tell if a tree is dead is to scrape away a piece of the bark with a small coin. If the resulting bark is dead, it will be a brown color. If it is alive and well, it will either be green or white. Get these obstacles out of the way and then you can have some real fun decorating the garden.

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Stone features

This is not an elaborate and ornate sculpture but can be as simple as pebbles from the local beach. You can gather these up to surround plants and wildlife that you want to keep. Not only will it highlight them in the garden, but it will draw attention away from your perhaps less well-maintained parts of the garden. If you want to take it a step further, you could make a walkway with stones to lift your garden to the next level.

Old furniture as storage

This may help you declutter your house as well as your garden. Failing that you may be able to pick up old furniture like shelves or crates online for free. Use these old pieces of furniture as storage places for extra plants or your tools and compost. You needn’t attempt to hide these. Make them into a feature of your garden. You can upcycle many of these pieces of furniture with a light bit of sanding and a lick of paint. Turning your clutter into quirky garden features that will impress all your friends.

Tidying the Garden

As with most tasks around the home, this will seem like a bigger job than it is. You may even enjoy it. Taking these tips will allow you to make an easy-to-maintain garden to be proud of.

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