How to Clean Up the Sewer Lines With Hydro Jetting

A hose is hydro jetting water.

When you flush your toilet or wash something down the sink do you ever wonder where it all goes?  These waste items usually make their way down the pipes, through the plumbing systems and into the sewer lines. These sewer lines are essential to keeping our property clean by removing waste material and the bad smells that go with them. 

But over time, these items can accumulate in your plumbing system. While techniques like drain snaking, plunging or using cleaning chemicals like baking soda and vinegar can clear clogs from your system, you sometimes need a better clean. One way to do that is with a hydro jet. With hydro-jetting, plumbers are able to remove sewer clogs from your pipes. 

Sewer Line Problems

The type of blockage that collects in your sewer line depends on what kind of waste is being flushed down the sink or toilet. Too much grease or excessive toilet paper can lead to trouble in your sewer line. Other problems may be caused by tree roots that put pressure on your water system’s pipes, causing damage to the joints or other issues. Even if you are extra careful not to put certain items down your drains, such as food, you may still get clogged pipes. It is just natural that the amount of stuff that goes down our drains, from soap to hair, will cause a clog. 

How Hydro-jetting Is a Solution to Sewer Line Problems

Homeowners who have sewer line problems should consider hydro jetting. It is one of the best modern techniques used by plumbers to clear away the problem. It’s fast and effective in removing waste build up that clogs the inside of pipes. 

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Hydro jetting uses a high pressure water flow from the hose which has enough force to remove blockages caused by hair, grease build-up, grime, sludge, chemicals and even tree branches. 

A hydro jet system is made up of a water tank, hose and nozzle, all of which are attached to a machine similar to a pressure washer. Plumbers may also use a video camera to detect the source of the clog before they apply the water pressure. These tools are capable of tackling residential and municipal sewer line issues. The water is forced through the pipes at 3,500 to 4,000 psi. 

However, it is vital that you don’t try and do it yourself. Hydro jetting needs the skill and expertise of a professional plumber or it can cause serious damage to your sewer line. While it can cost a little extra to have it done, consider it an investment into your home and your pipe system. 

Steps For Cleaning Your Sewer Line

While it should only be done by a professional, here are the steps used to clean your sewer line with hydro jetting. 

Drain camera inspection

Before plumbers can start hydro jetting your sewer line, they need to do an inspection to find the location of the clog. To do this, a drain camera is inserted into the pipes as the plumber searches for the build-up. 

Hydro-jetting plumbing

Once the source of the problem is identified, the hydro jetting system gets set up. The plumber will use the hose and water pressure to dislodge the waste build up and wash it down the sewer line. 

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Maintenance for clean pipes

Once the hydro jetting technique has eliminated the problem, it is important to do regular maintenance of the sewer line. This will remove any grease or grime that builds up. It is key to preventing future clogs. 

Key Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning Your Sewer Lines and Drains

There are many benefits to using the hydro jetting technique to clean your sewer lines and drains. These include:

  • Hydro jetting not only clears a blockage away, it removes all residue from the pipe for a full clean. 
  • It is the safest procedure to perform on older pipes. Opening older pipes can lead to bigger problems but using the hydro jetting technique can help them stay clean. 
  • A hydro jetting clean of your sewer pipes removes bacteria build up and the smell that goes with it. 

Hydro jetting is an advanced method for cleaning sewer lines. While some methods like a plunger or drain snake can clear away a clog, hydro jetting actually cleans the inside of the pipe. The pressure that is used washes away any materials that collect in your pipes, including bacteria that can collect and cause bad odours in your drains. 

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