Everything You Need to Know About Family Pools

A swimming pool can function as a great bonding space for the entire family. Constructing a swimming pool is a long-term investment and needs to be a well-thought-out decision. Else your family bonding space can be a cause for some serious disagreement among family members. We list down some points to consider before you make the final decision on your swimming pool.


You must first decide the purpose for which you want to use your swimming pool. Is it for exercises? Are you and your spouse interested in holding pool parties? If you plan to use the pool for recreation then you should build a pool with benches and ledges. If you intend to enjoy water sports then you would want a deeper pool.

Clarity of purpose will help you to make a proper decision regarding the size, shape and landscaping aspects of the pool.

It costs an extra amount to fit steps and benches in concrete pools. Fibreglass pools are available with benches and ledges at no extra cost.

2. Safety

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to family pools, especially when there are children in the family. Children tend to be attracted towards the pool. You would want to locate the pool in an area where you can supervise your children’s poolside activities. Additionally, you may want to install safety rails and automatic pool covers.

The pool surface should be non-slippery. You should also consider methods to maintain the quality of water. Concrete affects the pH balance of water. Fibreglass does not affect the quality of water. Maintaining the surfaces is easy in fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools have a smooth surface. Bacteria and dust are not easily trapped in the smooth fibreglass pools.

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Concrete has a rough surface which attracts dust and algae quickly. Algae can affect water quality and also make the surfaces slippery. Laying tiles on the surface of a concrete pool is an expensive process.

Constructing a concrete pool can be an unsafe activity in families with small children. The quick and non-messy installation process of fibreglass pools is more suitable for such families.

3. Budget

Building a pool is a high-priced activity. You need to be clear about the amount you can spare for this activity. The swimming pool also involves recurring maintenance costs in the form of water cleaning, surface cleaning, heating and resurfacing. You must do adequate research about all these issues. You will also incur expenditure for items such as pool cover, lighting, heating etc.

Concrete pools are more costly as compared to fibreglass pools. Since the construction of concrete pools involves significant time, they are more likely to overshoot your budget.

People living in cold climates will have to worry about heating expenses. Concrete pools are more difficult to heat. Fibreglass pools heat quickly and maintain their heat for a longer period.

Your budget will determine your lighting and landscaping options.

4. Maintenance

The swimming pool requires regular maintenance depending on the material used for construction. Lack of maintenance will render your swimming pool useless. The rough surface of the concrete pools traps bacteria and dirt easily. Concrete pools require regular maintenance in form of brushing and scrubbing.

Fibreglass pools do not require extensive maintenance. Fibreglass pools have a smooth surface and hence cleaning them is an easy process.

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5. Above Ground or Below Ground Pool?

Ideally, people like to build their pools below ground. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of size, space etc. If you are staying in a low-lying area which is prone to flooding then you would want to build a pool above ground. Cleaning a flooded pool is a difficult and unsatisfactory activity.

6.Size and shape of the pool

There are several factors which affect the size and shape of the pool. The land available, the design selected, the budget and the purpose of the pool are some of them. The size and design of your pool must synchronize with the rest of the house. Your swimming pool must blend in with the rest of the house.

Concrete pools can be constructed in any shape and size as per your imagination. Fibreglass pools have some size limitations. There are innumerable choices and finishes in fibreglass pools. Some fibreglass manufacturers provide a lot of choices in terms of design and finish.

7. Quality of your swimming pool

Constructing a swimming pool is not an everyday activity. For many house owners, it is a once in a lifetime activity. The pool is going to stay with you for a long time. Renovating a pool is a tedious affair. It is necessary to use superior quality materials to construct a pool. The pool interior should be tough so that it can combat climate changes.

Supervising the materials used for the construction of a concrete pool is a difficult process. The construction takes place in stages and involves plenty of materials over a period.

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Finding a good quality fibreglass pool is a relatively easy process. The mold is factory-made. Reputed sellers offer a warranty on fibreglass pools.

8. Zonal laws

Keep the rules and regulations of your zone in mind. You don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities over the size or location of your swimming pool.

9. Water Circulation System and Sanitizers

Whatever your type of pool, every pool needs a water circulation system. An efficient water circulation system increases the lifespan of your swimming pool.

Similarly, there are different methods of sanitizing your pool. Traditionally, chlorine was used to sanitize the pool. But with the advent of technology, people have a choice between salt sanitizers, Ozone pool purification and Ultraviolet pool sanitizing light.

10. Research and Comparison

Do extensive research on the available materials, landscaping options and pool builders. Make a budget for the different types of pools. Compare the prices. Compare the pool builders in the market. Talk to pool owners to get an idea about their firsthand experience. New technology is bringing a variety of options in terms of materials, lighting, heating and landscaping. Take your time to go through all the options before taking the final plunge.

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