Tips to Buy Lounge Chairs 

Also known as chaise lounges, lounge chairs are upholstered sofas in the shape of a chair. However, the main difference from standard chairs is that they are long enough to support the legs. Indeed, the term “lounge” in French refers to a long reclining chair such as a deckchair. The literal translation in English is “Long Chair.”

This type of chair has been around for ages. Initially, they were considered playthings for the wealthy. That’s why the most common depictions of lounge chairs are typically found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and roman murals, where they depict wealthy aristocrats enjoying life. However, more recently, we’ve seen more people, even from the lower social classes, invest in lawn chairs.

The most important thing about lounge chairs is that they aren’t just another piece of furniture. As the name suggests, lounge chairs are a unique retreat where you can lounge and take a little break after a long day. It’s the perfect spot when you want to curl up with your favorite book or take a nap on a Sunday afternoon.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Lounge Chair 

Finding the perfect lounge chair comes down to personal preferences. However, you may want to work around three specific considerations;

1. Function and size of the living room 

Before you buy the living room lounge chair, it’s important to think about where you’ll place it in the room and how you’ll use them.

For instance, although not always the case, lounge chairs can be the central seat in the living room. However, if this is how you intend to use your lounge seat, then you must find one that provides a greater level of comfort and flexibility. Remember also that as the central seat, the lounge chair will also serve your guests. Therefore, it must be desirable and comfortable as it sets the tone for the rest of the room.

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Tips to buy lounge chairs

Another option is to bring in a lounge chair merely to complement the room and provide a lounging spot, perhaps for the weekends. In this case, a rocking chair will do the trick.

Space is also important. If you have plenty of space, you should find a statement lounge chair that takes up significant space. However, if you’re tight on space, it’s better to bring in something petite to prevent overpowering the living. Thus, for larger spaces, a darker shade is ideal, while for smaller spaces, you should consider lighter shades that create the sense of more space.

2. Lounge chair type

The lounge chair has morphed and changed significantly over time. In fact, if we abide by the strictest definition of a lounge chair, some options that now make the cut would not meet the definition of a lounge chair.

That said, you have plenty of options. The most popular choice is the reclining lounge chair. Reclining lounge chairs are designed to be the principal seat in the living room. It is exceptionally comfortable. If you’ve ever heard about luxury recliners with matching ottomans, this is where they belong. The seats even allow you to stretch your feet up thanks to generously portioned frames.

Beyond the recliner lounge chair, rocking chairs and traditional classic lounge chairs are other common choices for lounger furniture. Rocking lounge chairs rock back and forth, offering substantial comfort. They also take up plenty of space. Meanwhile, traditional classic lounge chairs are armless chairs designed in a permanently reclined position.

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When trying to buy lounge chairs, other options are chaise lounges, armchairs, club chairs, and wing chairs. You can even opt for the leather-upholstered Eames lounge chair.

3. Choosing a material and color

Now that you know why you want a lounge chair, where you want to place it, and the different types of lounge chairs, it’s time to pick a material and color.

A common material among shoppers is leather, arguably because of the luxurious look and feel. The material is also impressively durable. Over time, the material softens, becoming even more comfortable without losing its shape and strength. Leather lounge chairs can come in pretty much any color you wish, though tan, black, and white are the most popular.

Other than leather, fabric lounge chairs are also quite attractive. You can find endless options in unique types of wool as well as velvet and sheepskin. The beauty of fabric lounge chairs is that they are exceptionally warm. This makes them the perfect choice for colder regions. They can also be gorgeous.

Finally, you can also opt for a wooden, metal, or plastic lounger chair. All these materials offer multiple color choices, giving you endless decoration options.


You should definitely buy a lounge chair to while away after a long day at work. If you can pick the right style, material, and color, the chair will add much functionality to your space while improving the living room’s aesthetics.


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