Why Should You Remove Tree Stump?

Trees play a vital or significant role in our environment. It beautifies the landscape, provides shade from the hot sun, improves air quality, and increases the value of the property. However, dead trees can obstruct those goals and must be removed.

Dead trees, especially stumps, can attract pests and diseases that can spread easily to other healthy trees around them. It can damage homes and properties and injure people and animals.

Cutting down tree stumps is not a problem, but removing the stumps can be so difficult. It looks harmless but should be removed immediately for safety purposes. Here are a few reasons why you should remove the tree stump:

It Reduces Property Value

Tree stumps add no value to your property. The appearance of your property will be unkempt once there is a stump. It can damage your property as the roots in the soil may still be developing as it spreads. The buyer may use it during the process of negotiation once the stump is noticed. You may be forced to reduce the price because of the tree stump. insects,

Safety Hazards

Tree stumps can cause injury to anyone, especially children walking or playing around them. They can stumble on the tree stump or roots, which can cause serious injury. Someone can drive at night into a tree stump if it’s near the driveway. Therefore, tree stumps are a safety hazard for friends and family if they are not removed.

Spread Diseases And Infestation

Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and other insects, particularly wood-boring insects, are naturally attracted to tree stumps. Once the tree stump is infected, trees and shrubs that are healthy can be at risk of getting infected with diseases. Additionally, it can be risky to children and pets health as fungi stay on dead stumps.

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Occupies A Valuable Space

A tree stump sitting on your property without any purpose can make a space look useless. Removing it can free up some space. Innovative ideas will pop up on how the space can be used for either planting new trees or setting it up for a picnic or playground for kids.

Can Damage Your property

When trees are cut down, there is a probability of the roots growing back. The roots can spread into the ground and grow. Some roots can be so aggressive that they can contaminate the water supply and flood the house. In order to avoid these damages, tree stumps need to be removed. There are so many reasons why you should remove a tree stump, as it poses danger to both lives and properties.


It is very difficult to decide when a tree stump should be removed, but the reasons listed above provide guidelines on when it should be removed. Removing tree stumps yourself may not be as easy as you think. However, you can hire a tree specialist to remove the stump. Finally, look for a trusted tree service in Granby to remove the stumps.

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