10 Reasons Why Your AC Is Acting Weird and What You Can Do About Them

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Air Conditioners are must-have home or office equipment, especially in regions with very hot summers characterized by sweltering heat. However, not all can afford this appliance as it’s pretty expensive. In addition to the purchase price, there are tremendous costs associated with operating an air-conditioner such as electricity bills. But another major cost is the cost of maintaining an AC, which you can only reduce by taking good care of the appliance.

Therefore, you must conduct regular maintenance to ensure your AC works properly. For instance, if you notice that your air conditioning system is blowing out hot air instead of cooling the room, it indicates something is wrong and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Read to discover various reasons why your AC is acting weird and how to fix them.

10 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Working Properly and How to Fix the Problems

If your AC is acting weird, it might be due to the following reasons:

Dirty Air Filter

If your AC runs but the air is hot, then you should know that there is an issue with the air filter. When the filters are clogged, your AC is incapacitated and thus, the cool air cannot pass through. Instead, the air is circulated back into the evaporating coil, causing it to freeze.

The evaporating coil is made of a network of tubes. The tubes are filled with a coolant known as the refrigerant, responsible for sucking moisture and heat from the air.


Experts recommend servicing your air conditioning units at least once a month, especially if you have them running constantly and live in a place with lots of dust and fur-shedding pets. Always hire professionals to clean your evaporator and change your air filter at least once in two months.

It is also recommended that you purchase the latest air conditioning units, as most have advanced thermostats that can notify you when the filter is due for replacement.

The Thermostat Is Dead or Not Working Properly

Your thermostat might be having a problem if your AC blows out cool air one moment and warm air the next. This can happen when the thermostat settings are incorrect.

Also, if the thermostat is dead, you will have a problem operating your AC because the signal won’t pick up. It can also be because of a tripped circuit breaker.


When installing an AC, you must calculate how much cooling your home will need to enable you to buy an air condition unit fit for your needs. Many people mistake purchasing a smaller AC for a larger home, meaning the AC will be overworked.

Moreover, if the thermostat is not calibrated well, it won’t get the necessary information and will blow hot and cold air haphazardly. In such a situation, you should hire a technician to replace the whole unit or replace the thermostat with one that will enable you to calibrate the settings.

Alternatively, set your thermostat settings into an automatic mode, where it turns off when the weather is cool and turns on when it is hot.

Damaged Compressor

The compressor is vital to your AC because it allows the refrigerant to circulate throughout your AC. If your compressor is experiencing issues, such as your AC taking longer to turn on or the circuit breakers keep tripping, then your compressor has problems.

If your compressor is in perfect condition, your AC is not supposed to take more than one second to turn on.

The compressor often has issues because the AC is not used for an extended period. For instance, if you don’t turn on your AC during winter, chances are you will damage your compressor when you finally turn it on during summer.


Please note that replacing the compressor is pretty expensive. So, homeowners are advised to turn on the AC regularly during winter to avoid damaging the compressor once you turn it on in the spring.

If you sense that the compressor is damaged, call a professional to diagnose, and if it’s damaged, have it replaced. They will also clean the refrigerator lines to remove any dirt.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is the fluid in the AC that helps absorb moisture and heat from the environment. If refrigerant levels are low, your AC won’t cool well. Your refrigerant might be low due to leakage, or perhaps not enough of it was added when the AC was installed.

You will notice this problem when you hear a hissing or bubbling sound from your condenser. If you notice ice formation on your AC, you might be prone to panic when calling your professionals, and your only words will be, “help, my AC is frozen,” especially on the out part of your condenser.


Hire a professional to check your AC for a leak and repair it. After fixing, they should replenish your air conditioner with the appropriate amount of refrigerant and check that the AC works perfectly.

The Motors Are Faulty

Your AC has fans inside them, referred to as coil fans, responsible for distributing the cool air. The fans are powered by the motors found in the condenser.

If you run your AC constantly, chances are that your motors will experience severe wear and tear. In time, they may become faulty, leading to a broken coil fan.

A broken or faulty motor can lead to worse issues such as higher electricity bills or circuit breakers frequently tripping.

Fix the problem

You’d have to hire professionals to check and replace the motors and check on the coil fans to ensure they are working correctly.

The Outside Unit is Dirty

The outside unit is prone to many elements which might hamper its operations. For instance, if it’s in a place with many shrubs or other landscaping features that can prevent airflow, your AC will not work correctly because the outdoor condenser unit is tampered with. This is because the evaporator found in the inside unit absorbs moisture and hot air from the indoors and transfers it to the condenser in the outdoor unit. And if the condenser is not working, that means that the hot air will not be cooled.

A dirty condenser coil impedes heat transfer, meaning that the unit will be forced to work overtime to cool the hot air, which could lead to system failure.

Fix the problem

Homeowners are advised to ensure that the condenser is located where trees or shrubs cannot obstruct it. They should also use a garden hose to remove dirt and debris caught in the condenser’s fins.

According to experts, you should leave at least 91 cm of space between your condenser unit and any plants. And conduct regular maintenance to avoid paying ridiculous amounts once the condenser breaks down.

Funky Smell

Your AC should never have a weird smell, and if you notice a funny stench coming out of your AC, then there is a problem. Most times, the funky smell might be due to an electrical problem or the growth of mold and mildew


There must be an electrical issue if you smell a burning odor from your AC. Turn off your AC immediately and call an electrician and an AC professional.

Suppose you get a musty smell, mold, and mildew build-up due to dirt combined with moisture. This calls for an air filter replacement. Still, having a professional check and getting your AC cleaned would be best.

AC Leaking Liquid

If you notice that your AC is leaking liquid, it might be water or refrigerant. If you see condensation on the outer parts, that is normal, but if there are brightly colored stains or the Unit inside the house is leaking water, then there is a more significant issue.


Please turn it off and call in professionals to have a look. If it’s the refrigerant leaking, it could seep into your compressor, causing damage. So making a timely intervention is highly advised.

Electrical Issue

This is the most challenging issue to diagnose. Your AC is powered by an entire system of wires and cables. Over time, the connection may become loose, causing a circuit break. Do not attempt to check the wiring yourself, as you might be electrocuted.


Call in AC professionals and check the wiring system, and if there is a problem, have them fix your AC wiring system.

Faulty Remote

If your AC remote is faulty or the batteries are dead, you cannot adjust the temperature as the signals cannot be sent. Moreover, you may be unable to turn and turn off your AC properly and miss out on many other features.


You can buy new batteries, but if the remote is damaged, replace it with a specific brand. Alternatively, you can get a universal AC remote from online stores or brick-and-mortar home appliance stores.

Final Thoughts

If you want your AC to serve you for a long time, ensure that it’s serviced regularly by professionals. This can be once every month, especially if it’s constantly running or if you reside in a dusty region or have fur-shedding pets in your house.

You must also ensure that the outside unit is located in a place where it cannot be obstructed by trees or shrubs and use a garden hose to blow dust and leaves from the fins.

If your AC starts making weird noises, call in professionals as soon as possible to take a look. This will save you the cost of replacing expensive parts such as the compressor. Hope the reasons described in this article have put you in a better position to know when your AC needs work.

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