5 Great Ways To Keep Heat Out Of Your Windows

An awning designed to keep heat out, adorned with flowers on the balcony of a building.

Have you seen the forest fires destroying huge chunks of Europe? It’s something we’re used to seeing in North America, but it’s less common in colder parts of the world. It proves the temperature is getting hotter every year.

You should attempt to keep as much heat as possible out of your home. It means you’ll spend less on energy, which equals big savings at the moment. Let’s look at how to keep your home cool without switching on the air con.

1. Plant Some Trees Outside

If you have a grass lawn outside your windows, you’ll be able to grow a few trees. You can’t plant small ones if you’re trying to save energy. It will take years before tiny trees give you the cover you need outside windows.

Trees won’t stop you from letting air inside when it’s warm, but they will keep the heat out. It’s okay if you’d rather plant large bushes. You will need to look after them properly, which will take a little extra work.

2. Upgrade Your Old Windows

You might need basement replacement windows if your old ones are falling apart. Are any of the windows around your home cracked? Can you see condensation in between the panes of glass when it’s a bit humid outside?

Upgrading your windows might be an expensive option, but it’s sometimes the best one. At least your new ones will last decades once they’ve been fitted. Your windows will last much longer if you maintain them properly.

3. Hang Shutters On The Wall

Homes with shutters hanging on the windows usually look very stylish. Do you want to improve the exterior of your home? If you get the style and color right, it will look great and keep the heat out in summer.

You’ll be able to close the shutters when it’s too sunny, which you can do from indoors in seconds. You don’t need to hang them on all the windows. You need to cover the ones that get too much sunlight during the day.

4. Apply Window Film To Glass

If you apply low-E film to your glass, it will prevent ultraviolet light from getting in. Be careful because you won’t want residue left when it’s done, even though a vinyl windows explanation will tell you it’s easy to clean.

It’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to replace their old windows because it’s much cheaper. You will need to check your warranty before covering your windows. If it voids your warranty, it’s not worth it.

5. Installing External Shades

You probably see many external shades when you walk down main streets, but have you seen them on houses? Some people prefer shades over shutters because they’ll still be able to look outside, plus sunlight will still get inside.

Shades only prevent extra heat from getting inside your rooms. It will work best if you place them above large windows. Don’t waste time covering smaller ones. You’ll need to choose a good color that looks aesthetic.

Other Ways To Save Energy

There are lots of other ways to save energy around your home. You should research more tips to save as much cash as possible.

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