6 Ways to Effectively Streamline Your Construction Submittals Process

Aerial view of a house under construction, streamlining construction submittals process.

The construction submittals process is a system for submitting the documents and drawings needed to build a specific project. This process aims to ensure that new home construction plans come out in an organized, clear, and concise way.

Construction submittals are necessary to get approval for a construction project. They are submitted to the property owner and used as a record of the work done. They can also be a way to show that you’ve completed all the required assignments.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to improve their process. This need for improvement is because the construction industry is very competitive, and they need to be able to compete with other companies.

If you need to find more ways how you can streamline your construction submission process, then here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to help you.

Conduct fewer meetings

Meetings are often a necessary evil. They are typically a waste of time and money, but they are an unavoidable part of the construction process.

The construction industry is notorious for its high costs and inefficiency. It is no surprise that some contractors have started to cut down on meetings to help streamline their processes.

Construction companies often rely on meetings to communicate information and ideas between teams, subcontractors, and clients. But there are many ways to do this without meeting face-to-face.

For example, you can use video conferencing services like Skype or Zoom to conduct virtual meetings with people who live in different parts of the world or another state from you. You can also use instant messaging services like Slack or Microsoft Teams to communicate with your team members who might be working remotely from their homes or offices across the country.

You should only conduct meetings for tasks where all parties must be present for the meeting to be productive.

Reduced costs

Construction projects can be expensive and take a long time to complete. This common phenomenon is why it’s essential to keep costs down and streamline the process.

Some construction companies are now using AI software to speed up the submittal process, reducing costs by sending fewer documents and getting projects done faster.

One way to reduce costs is by investing in subcontractor software that can help you identify how much certain project parts will cost. That way, you can accurately provide a number to the overall project costs to prepare yourself for the upcoming construction project.

Much greater efficiency

The construction submission process is complex and time-consuming. It requires a lot of back and forth between the architect, the builder, and the engineer.

Nowadays, software explicitly addresses some parts of the construction submittals process. It can help manage the entire submittal process in one place, making it easier for everyone involved in the project to access all of the necessary information on their phone or tablet.

Some people find it challenging to organize this process because so much work is in the queue. But some things can help with organization, like using templates for the different parts of the process to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten.

Eliminates paper trails

Paper trails are often the cause of delays in the construction process. Eliminating paper trails can streamline your construction submittals process and make it more efficient.

This paper trail is because there are so many steps in the construction process that require paperwork for you to complete and file them. This process means you have to spend a lot of time on tasks like filing, sorting, and organizing paperwork which can take up a lot of time.

There are also many types of paperwork involved in the construction process, making it difficult to know where to store them all.

Some companies have started using mobile apps to track their work in real-time without printing anything out to streamline the construction submittals process and eliminate paper trails.


The construction submittals process is complicated and can take hours to complete. The process is often time-consuming and frustrating for contractors and engineers.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can streamline the construction submittals process. One of the best ways is to ensure your plans are accessible to everyone on your team.

The easiest way is to incorporate cloud storage so everyone can access essential information from this process anytime and anywhere.

Keeping documents secure

Keeping documents secure is vital for several reasons. It helps to avoid sabotage, and it can also help ensure that the company is complying with all the necessary regulations.

Using a system that ensures they are encrypted and backed up is essential. This process will make sure that even if someone tries to tamper with the document, these hackers won’t be able to get away with it. It will also ensure that if anything happens to the computer or hard drive where the document is stored, it can be accessible again on another device.

By streamlining the construction submittals process, you can quickly proceed with the next step of the construction project much sooner. It will help reduce delays and give faster project completion times. If you want to reap these benefits, then try these six tips to make it possible for you to do so.

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