Choose the Finest Quality Hardwood Flooring

A mobile home with a wooden deck.

If you are looking for the finest quality hardwood flooring that money can buy, you should think about installing in your home a gorgeous new IPE decking system. If you have never seen an IPE decking system before, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. These are boards that are designed to look and feel like real hardwood floors, but they are made from plywood instead of solid wood. This means that the grains in the wood grain of these floors run parallel to each other as in real wood, which means the boards have more “grip.” You will notice the difference immediately by walking across an IPE-decked floor, or looking down on it when you are sitting on one.

IPE Wood – the preferred hardwood flooring

There are several good reasons why IPE hardwood floors are preferable over real wood floors. One of the best reasons is the extra “grip” the plywood has for walking on. Even though the hardwood looks more like wood, walking on it provides nearly no resistance to the weight of one’s foot. When walking on a real wood floor, your weight and the weight of your boot are both exerted against the wood, which results in a considerable amount of pressure on the seams of the boards. With the IPE hardwood flooring installation flooring system, there is absolutely no stress imposed on the seams, making them very smooth to walk on and much more comfortable to sit on.

Color and Finishes

If you are worried about the appearance of the floor after it is installed, worry not! IPE hardwood floors come in a variety of different color finishes to match any decorating scheme. Some of the popular color options include red oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry maple, and even classic black. The wide array of color choices ensures that homeowners will find a color that will blend well with any current decor and any future decorating scheme.

Another reason to purchase IPE hardwood flooring options instead of prefinished or solid hardwood flooring options is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. IPE solid wood floors require absolutely no special treatment and can be vacuumed like any other hardwood flooring. Also, IPE prefinished floors can be washed, painted, and sealed just like any other solid wood flooring. In fact, it is so easy to maintain that homeowners often prefer not to use sealants at all. If you have an expensive allergy to sealants, this option may be perfect for you.

Since IPE floors are available in such a wide variety of colors and designs, they are great for areas of the home that receive little foot traffic such as a living room or den. These floors offer homeowners’ the opportunity to create the look they want while still maintaining practicality. In addition, IPE hardwood flooring installation floors are available in radiant underlayment which helps prevent sound from bouncing off the floor and creating an echo in your home.

Engineered Hardwood for flooring

IPE is also available in engineered hardwood flooring products at While the surface grain of engineered hardwood looks much like the surface grain of solid hardwood, it is much stronger and more dense. Engineered hardwood is commonly used in high traffic areas where every square inch of space is essential, such as entryways and closets. Because engineered hardwood is dense, it is able to withstand lots of foot traffic without becoming damaged. Additionally, engineered hardwood resists moisture, scratches, stains, and dirt, which make it ideal for use in high traffic areas.

For homeowners who are concerned about the amount of red oak that is used in flooring options, IPE red oak flooring is available in a variety of selections. Red oak has been a popular wood for flooring for years and continues to be one of the most popular hardwood species used today. Red oak grain is very dense and can easily be sawed, however it is typically not suitable for flooring because of its tendency to splinter. IPE red oak flooring is constructed using durable resins that resist moisture, so it will not crack or break down while it is being used in high traffic areas.

Heartwood is a rare type of hardwood species harvested from the interior of dead trees. Heartwood contains more heartwood substance than any other part of the tree. This sapwood is rich in essential substances including tannins, which are the natural preservatives. Unlike sapwood, heartwood is soft and requires staining or a special finish to protect it from possible damage.

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