8 Easy Ways to Make Your House Summer-Ready

A white house with summer-ready flowers.

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and the rain is easing off. That’s because summer is halfway here. Now is a good time as any to start prepping your home for the new season, especially if you’re trying to keep boredom at bay. 

Just think

 The birds chirping outside your window, and the morning sun rising above the tree line – you can almost feel it now. With all that’s happening, you may get the urge to make your space feel lighter and brighter.

While we can’t make summer come any quicker, we can help you make the most of it. Below are eight great ways to get your house summer-ready so you can enjoy the season to its fullest. 

Declutter and reorganize every room

Decluttering is a step that might take a couple of days to get through, but if you follow the “one-room-at-a-time” pattern, you’ll clear things out quickly. Afterward, your home will reflect a sense of order and well-being.

Start with the kitchen. Empty all cabinets, and get rid of any unneeded appliances that you don’t need or use anymore. Next, go through your closets, purge the unused items and donate them. Reorganize your dresser drawers by taking unwanted things out and tidily folding what you want to keep. Also, you might have to store your winter clothing somewhere else to make room for the summer items.

On the other hand, if you have a few things that you don’t want to get rid of, renting storage units can be optimal. And if you’re living in Texas, then storage units Beaumont TX is your best bet for affordable storage services. You can rent out any size, small, medium, or large, and store any item that you don’t need at home.

Work on the house windows

All that winter rain does come with a silver lining: it clears the dirt on our windows. But since the gorgeous spring light highlights the marks left by a child’s sticky little hands or the occasional deposit from a flying fellow, cleaning is necessary. Indeed, cleaning every window is a big job, but it typically needs to be done two or three times a year. 

Depending on how grubby the glass is, you might need to wash with soap water to remove the more tenacious dirt. Wait for a cloudy day; otherwise, the cleaning agents you spray with will dry too quickly, leaving the dirty streaks behind. A helpful tip is to wipe vertically inside and horizontally outside so that you can instantly see which side requires extra polish. Additionally, you can also create your cleaning spray at home by combing one part of water with that of white vinegar in an old spray bottle. 

Go for soothing and calm colors

Use light colors as much as possible within the house; they reflect the heat and light and offer a lovely ambiance to the living space. Light colors are ideal for summers because they provide a base for your interiors. You can choose to work with colors like shades of green or ivory to retain the cooling effect. Warm shades like lilac, olive, or burgundy can also be soothing without seeming overwhelming. Other than that, greens, beige, and blues are all ideal colors to use during the summer. Moreover, accent pieces inspired by nature can also light up the home. 

Move the furniture

The way you use your home in the summer versus winter is probably completely different. Winters mean more cozy nights or having people over for holiday events. In the summer, we spend more time outdoors and less time watching TV. Therefore, the way you place your furniture must blend well with the season. 

Changing furniture placement is a great way to get your house summer-ready. Think about how your family members live during the summer. How do they kill time in the humble abode? What activities do they prefer inside the house? After discovering the answers, move your furniture accordingly. It’s preferable to put some comfortable beanbags by the bookshelves to encourage reading and shift the couches somewhere other than the windows. 

Plant flowers, herbs, and veggies

One of the best things about getting a house ready for summer is beautiful foliage and flowers. Therefore, add a few store-bought blooms in pots or plant some seeds for an instant makeover. If you love fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits, consider sowing some in planter containers in your garden. Surf the web for when to plant shrubs, and by the end of summer, you will be munching on your very own home-grown meals.

Think natural accessories

Summer-made accessories can shift the entire feel of your house, and what shrieks summer more than natural elements? Bringing in natural materials helps lift the tone of your home, making it feel airy and bright. Try bringing in some woven baskets to fill up kids’ outdoor gear or flip-flops. Other than that, bring in some bowls or natural wood elements like candlesticks to revive your dining room table. Moreover, you can accessorize the rooms with seashell decorations for a beachy vibe.  

Duvet do-over

We can take many steps to make our beds more at ease for the warmer nights coming ahead. If you have the space to accommodate a duvet, take the occasion to downgrade your piles. You can still gather warmth on cooler evenings with a lovely quilt or a cozy throw, but you will find yourself sleeping a little better. How? When you’re not constantly kicking away a too-warm comforter in the wee hours.

Perk up the patio and deck

If you plan to spend more time outside this summer with friends and family, make sure your patio, porch, and deck are ready for it. Pressure-wash wood decks and concrete patios to get rid of all the grime that may have accumulated from the winter days. Summer is an excellent time to repaint or reseal your porch and deck so it looks fresh again. Also, don’t forget to clean your outdoor furniture and cushions, so you are ready for everything summer has to offer.


Unfortunately, we have to end here. Gratefully, each of these tips will help you convert your home into a summertime-heaven. So, what’s stopping you? Embrace those hazy, lazy days of summer with a few simple do-overs that, when done in advance, will make your summer an earnest, leisurely breeze.

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