How to Maximise Space in a Tiny Modular Home

A modern modular home sits in the middle of a wooded area.

Meta Description: With a small house, you need to be a bit more creative about your storage solutions. 

The tiny house movement is sweeping over the globe as more and more people reject the traditional housing system in favour of more eco-friendly and low-cost options. Housing insecurity is a driving factor pushing low-income earners out of the unfair rental and mortgage system. Their fallback? A tiny home 500 square feet and under. 

While living small has its perks––including stress relief, detachment from material goods, and a housing debt off your shoulders––there’s no doubt that fitting into a small space isn’t an easy adjustment. And the biggest dilemma you’ll likely face is the comical lack of storage. With a small house, you can’t just buy a new set of drawers when you need room for more clothes––because those drawers are unlikely to fit the already limited space. Instead, it’s important to rethink the entire modular home’s storage solutions, down to the foundation of the home. 

Make The Most Out of a Staircase

If you’re lucky enough to live in a two-storey modular abode, make every penny count by having those coveted stairs double up as storage. There’s no better place to store things than under the floorboards of each step––though be wary and ensure that you work with a skilled contractor to ascertain durability. Alternatively, you can make good use of the space under the stairs. Harry Potter’s entire bedroom was able to fit under one––yours will likely fit some drawers and cupboards, too. But remember: they’re for storing things and not humans––especially in a tiny home. 

Take Advantage of Shelves

Instead of decorating empty walls with artwork, consider more practical shelving to give you extra room for storage. Shelves are easy to install and are flexible in both purpose and design, so there’s one that will fit your every need. Whether you install them in the kitchen or the loft, there are always knick-knacks that will find their way on convenient and easy-to-reach shelves. 

Choose Smart Seating

Before saying yes to the one-legged chair you found online, take a step back and consider smarter seating options. Ottomans are especially welcome in small houses, as you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing chair while having extra storage to boot. Couches with under-seat storage are also very common and are more practical options to help you make the most out of each square meter. 

Choose A Bed With Extra Storage

Finding a place to store sheets and off-season blankets is the hardest in a bite-size house. And since you’re likely to still sleep in a full-size bed, you can take advantage of under-bed storage. Consider choosing a bed frame with built-in drawers to store heavier items, including sheets and winter coats. Alternatively, you can also choose to store boxes under the bed for a more flexible storage solution. But if you decide to go frameless––don’t worry. Other storage options on this list may still apply! 

A Little Elevation Equals More Storage

Have you ever considered storing things under the floorboards? You totally can––and it’s an especially great idea if you’re a bit of a sneakerhead and have a ton of shoes to store. You’ll need to do some renovations or make this request before the building commences, as it requires a bit of engineering on the contractor’s end. Simply request for a slight indoor elevation a meter or so away from the entrance so that they can include a built-in drawer under the step. Alternatively, removable floorboards are also a thing if you’re looking for a sneaky way to store valuables. 

Reduce The Look of Clutter With a Fake Wall

Earlier, it’s been established that shelves are great––and they are. But they can also be a little overwhelming to look at, especially if you go for a full wall of built-in shelves. You can hide any clutter by bringing in ceiling-high partitions that will cover all the things you refuse to look at but absolutely need to live. Alternatively, if you have the budget for it, you can also opt for a fake wall look by implementing pull-out storage, so you never have to deal with the eyesore that is fully packed shelving. 

Use Magnets!

The easiest way to save ground space for furniture and heavier items is to keep small things where they truly belong: the wall. Introducing a section for magnets or velcro can be a convenient space saver. Simply stick your most-used things, from keys to toothbrushes and billing statements, to the wall and grab them when you need them! 

A Pull-Out Bed is Your Best Friend

Pull-out beds are popular choices for guest rooms, and you might have never imagined sleeping in one yourself outside of a friend’s home. But believe it or not, opting for a pull-out instead of a conventional bed can open plenty of room for you to move around in a small space. Traditional beds naturally take up plenty of room but opting for a pull-out means that you can tuck everything into a loft every morning, freeing you up a chunk of floor space for activities like yoga and dance. 

Living in a tiny home can be a little tricky, but you can certainly work around the space limitation with smart storage solutions so that you can pack all your necessities plus more. And if you do end up with a ton of extra storage, don’t feel too compelled to fill them all up. Enjoying life with less is part of the tiny home journey! 

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