Getting household chores under control in 2021

A person performing household chores by cleaning a tile floor with a brush.

Stepping into a spotless, tidy home is usually very calm-inducing; whether you had a rough day or something unfortunate happened out there, a clean space can be a refuge. With a bit of organization and planning, you can always have that Zen feeling. All you need is to break down housework into manageable tasks.

The to-do list can seem endless without a plan for keeping your house clean: there’s a weird stain in the cupboard near the stove, the towels need to be constantly washed, the spice rack is impossible to navigate, and so on. All you need is to create a strategic plan to work around even tiny household chores in order to nip this problem in the bud and improve your life.

Here are some tips that can help you sort even the household chores that are often put on the back burner:

Set time limits

It’s important to be conscious of how long it would take to accomplish one chore. Limit the time for each task if you have several chores to accomplish in a day and finish each task before moving onto the next one.

Listen to upbeat songs to motivate yourself while doing these tasks as it can help you measure the time you spend on one chore. Avoid getting distracted by texts or anything else, just have fun and focus on the task while listening to your favorite songs. The key is getting everything done in time. After 10 songs, you switch tasks as a way of timing yourself.

Work on the dishes right away

Being one of the most important rooms, the kitchen needs to be always kept clean. After eating or cooking, wash your dishes and clean up the kitchen immediately. If you leave the dishes in the sink to wash them after work, you are likely to invite insects and pests due to the leftovers.

If you cannot wash your dishes right away after use, getting a dishwasher can simplify the process for you. You will always have lesser tasks to do later if you have the habit of washing the dishes right away. Don’t let this simple task become intimidating by allowing a mess to accumulate.

Schedule cleaning bedrooms

If you are always in a rush for work during morning hours, you could just make your bed and drift to work. The bedroom and other rooms can be cleaned well during the weekend. Check for dust and dirt on the corners of the room, on the walls, floor, cabinets, toilet bowl, or sink, as they may be the source of bacteria.

You could also hire a maid service or outsource a cleaning service once or twice a week if you do not have the time to deep clean your house. This can help you make time for other essential things.

Create less laundry

You can create less laundry by reusing some garments a couple of times before washing them, such as pajamas, towels, and jeans. Moreover, some of these garments may get damaged or fade quickly if continuously washed. Re-wearing some clothes can help reduce your laundry burden.

Batch schedules for chores

While it may feel unnatural to have batch tasks, it may help in some cases when you have a very busy week or want to spend time with your family.

You can make a straightforward process that will help you streamline your household tasks as you save time. You can have a week-worth plan on tasks to do each day without piling up any overloads!

Based on your preferences, you can use the following weekly plan or alter it to fit your schedule accordingly:

  • Monday: Cleaning the house including the carpet.
  • Tuesday: Cleaning the fridge and kitchen cabinets.
  • Wednesday: Working on groceries.
  • Thursday: Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Friday: Changing duvet covers, bedsheets, and other linens.
  • Saturday: Working on laundry.
  • Sunday: Special or healthy meal preparation.

Hire professionals to work even on the toughest cleaning tasks

Cleaning some household items such as carpet can tend to be difficult. In such cases, don’t hesitate to contact cleaning professionals right away. Not only will you benefit from quality work, but your peace of mind will also be guaranteed.

For professional carpet cleaning businesses, water could accidentally leak beneath the carpet and cause substantial damages. For that reason and more, it is important that such a business is insured. If you run such a business, you can get your insurance online from Next Insurance. The policy helps to protect against all sorts of claims including property damage, bodily harm, and the costs that accompany them.

In a nutshell, it’s ideal to have a household routine rather than frequently switching or multitasking household chores. You will also improve your physical and mental health if you live in an organized space free of germs, dust, and grime. It can even be satisfying and cathartic to put your phone aside for a few hours to make your home sparkle as you blast some tunes. Don’t fear the household chores list— learn to love checking off those to-dos as often as you alter and fill up the list.

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