Parents Build Amazing Bookcase & The Internet Is Obsessed

A bookshelf is a necessity for someone like me, and for a ton of other people too. For a lot of people, a bookshelf ends up being the main decor piece in a room.

How many days have you spent on Pinterest, without your to-do list ever amounting to anything? How many times have you spent hours dreaming about a project, only to realize it’s too good to be true? But one couple have turned their dream DIY project into reality in the most incredible way.

When thirty-three-year-old Jessica Breen and her husband, Sinclair, from Brisbane, Australia saw a bookshelf online, they decided they had to have it in their home. The results? You need to see it and keep an eye on your jaw so it doesn’t drop too hastily.

As the owners of a home renovation company, making this book case was a relatively easy feat for them, but the stunning bookcase made it to the internet.

Needless to say, it went viral and the internet went crazy.

Jess & Sinclair / Facebook

A ton of carefully cut out boards, predrilled by a cabinet maker, were lined up and screwed together to make each box that formed the final design. In case you were wondering, the couple used enough boards to make a total of 36 boxes. Talk about a ton of book space!

Arranging the boxes on a large piece of medium density fiberboard is what allowed this gorgeous piece of book-shelving art to come together. Without it, they wouldn’t have been able to hang it!

Jess & Sinclair / Facebook

When it came to execution, precise measurements made all the difference. “It’s really important that the wall space is measured first before ordering or cutting or buying panels,” Jess tells

“Be very careful when measuring, ordering, cutting, or buying the shelving as every millimeter matters.”

Their wall didn’t have the right framing to support the large structure. The illusion of a wall is what results from this. The boxes were attached, and the bookcase was born.

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The project seemed fitting for the qualifying campaign for reality TV show The Block, so the couple started planning how to recreate their dream bookshelf

I don’t know about you, but I am so jealous of this couple’s kids! I would kill for this bookcase. I mean, look at it! If you have a large book collection, then you probably know how I feel.

“When I showed the picture to Sinclair he almost had a heart attack,” Jessica told The Daily Mail. “We knew we had to try it.”

If you were to create a custom bookcase, what would it look like?



A DIY bookshelf in a room.
Jess & Sinclair / Facebook

Now the family has a fun place to store their favorite books. “We find that it holds a lot of our books and [it’s] accessible for my boys, Jack and Ollie, to reach their own, which are all positioned at the bottom of the bookcase,” Jess adds.

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