5 Home Library Ideas That Dates Back in History

Even though we live in a modern world, home library ideas are still vital because more people are finding it fun to read books while holding them. Additionally, people are trying to avoid the distractions that come when reading electronic books.

A home library with bookshelves and a zebra print rug.

Home library with bookshelves.

There may be a couple of state libraries, university libraries, but there’s no better feeling than having your home library. And the good thing is that you’ve got to make the design decision – whether you’d love to make it formal or cozy, or you want to make it colorful and attractive. The choice is yours. Be creative and make the shelves look attractive.

A home office with a wall covered in pictures.

A cozy living room with bookshelves and a fireplace, making it a perfect home library.

In this post, you’ll find some home library ideas that you can quickly implement to improve its look. And even while we are happy to provide these ideas, still, you have the freedom to get creative and make your library look just the way you want it to be. That said, below are some of the ideas you can implement in your home library.

1. Modern White Shelving

In Washington DC, a man named Simon Jacobsen joined two old row houses so that his family could find a place to live. Simon Jacobsen turned his living room into an egg-crate-like shelf to act as his home library. To date, this is one of the references most people make when suggesting home libraries to anyone, and indeed it’s worth giving as an example.

2. Soaring Wood Shelves

A home library with bookshelves.

Katherine Newman was another creative one who was able to create a good-looking home library in Toronto that people refer to. Katherine says, “makes vague reference to the classical Ionic order,” This room’s beautiful carved capitals has been talked about by many.

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3. Collected Display

A spacious home library filled with bookshelves.

Stephen and Diane Keaton are obsessed with bringing back the life of old homes in California. These two managed to turn an entrance hall into a beautiful library by including artefacts and art books. Stephen says, a library will always set the mood and that it’s a “distillation” of what goes on in the house.

4. Mahogany Panelled Study

Home Library with bookshelves and chairs.

Friederike Kemp and George Sweeney are renown designers and architects, respectively. Apart from the many improvements they made, people still remember them for creating the mahogany-panelled library.

5. Fireside Shelving

Margaret Griffin and Elyse Grinstein brought back a new life to one of the old homes in the WestSide of Los Angeles, an area occupied by a ton of indigenous trees.

And there is a sycamore tree that dates back to three-hundred years ago. The library came to be from a brick wall that was facing the sycamore tree, though the bricks were later replaced by glass.

A home library featuring bookshelves in the living room.

We hope that you enjoyed our collections of the fantastic home library ideas from renown architects and designers. You may want to pick one or two ideas and implement to see how it works for you.


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