Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace in the Off-season

A living room with brown leather chairs and a fireplace decorated in the off-season.

You love a roaring fire in the winter but once the air turns warm and the flowers begin to bloom, the fireplace is forgotten until next season.  There are creative ways to decorate your fireplace in the off-season so you aren’t staring into a blank void in the wall when there is no fire at the hearth.

Decorate your fireplace.
A fresh way to decorate your fireplace off-season (howtodecorate)
A living room with a white brick fireplace that you can decorate in the off-season.
Logs help make this off-season fireplace fresh (thenester)
A white fireplace mantle to decorate your living room in the off-season.
Antlers make a statement displayed in this off-season fireplace (meganmorrisblog)

Decorate the fireplace with plants and flower arrangements for a touch of spring or summer freshness.  Use the grating to place pots at various heights for interest and variety.

A fireplace with potted plants and a mirror, perfect for off-season decoration.
Plants freshen up a fireplace during the off-season (pinterest)
A bedroom with white furniture and a fireplace to decorate your fireplace in the off-season.
A fern adds a natural touch to this fireplace for off-season (pinterest)
A white fireplace mantle in a decorated living room.
Fresh blooms accent this off-season fireplace (comfortandluxary.blogspot)

Books can be stored in the fireplace to make an artful arrangement by themselves or with other accessories.

Decorate your fireplace with potted plants.
Books artfully arranged in the off-season fireplace (hgtvremodels)
A stack of books on a fireplace mantle with off-season decorations.
Books stored in an unused fireplace (pinterest)

Install temporary shelves to create a lively display.  Use plants, found objects and decorative pieces for variety and interest.

A living room with a fireplace and bookshelves perfect for off-season fireplace decoration.
Shelving creates a charming display in an unused fireplace (freshome)

Candles are a beautiful addition to the fireplace any time of year and they are safely contained in the fireplace as well.  Create a dramatic display by using different sizes of candles.

Decorate your fireplace mantle with candles.
Candles add beautiful light to an off-season fireplace (recreateanddecorate)
Decorate your fireplace with potted plants.
A beautiful display of candles accents this off-season fireplace (hgtvremodels)
How to decorate your fireplace in the off-season.
Tall candlesticks accent this off-season fireplace (howtodecorate)

Decorate the fireplace with artwork.  Simply lean various framed pieces against the hearth walls and the fireplace surround for an impromptu gallery.

Decorate your fireplace with mirrors and framed pictures during the off-season.
Artwork display in fireplace (freshome)

Neatly stack wood logs in the fireplace and you’re all set for next year.  Put some greenery in with the logs to brighten them up for spring and summer.  Add votive candles among the logs for a romantic scene.  You can use faux logs as well, which look great without the mess.  White birch are a favorite.

A white brick fireplace with logs on it, perfect for decorating in the off-season.
Neatly stacked wood in fireplace off-season
Decorate your fireplace with birch candles.
Logs and candles make romantic display in off-season fireplace (room-decorating-ideas)
Decorate your fireplace with ice blocks.
Glass faux logs add a new dimension to fireplace décor (hearthcabinet.BlogSpot)

Create your own fireplace art with a sculpture or handmade installation that represents a hobby or favorite craft.  Display favorite collections to add character to the room.

Modern Farmhouse Style - A Little Bit Country....A Little Bit Rock and Roll
A white fireplace adorned with a decorative statue.
Amazing fireplace art by conceptual artist Sebastian Errazuriz (pinterest)
A living room with a fireplace and antique suitcases, perfect for decorating your fireplace in the off-season.
Favorite collections add character to this off-season fireplace (homedit)
A fireplace mantel decorated with seashells and framed pictures, perfect for decorating your fireplace in the off-season.
A selection of seashells looks great in the summer fireplace (BHG)

For the gas fireplace, use decorative screens, mirrors or even make your own screen.  Place a painting, vases, plants and other items in front of the fireplace until you need access to it again in the colder months.

Decorate your fireplace with branches.
A nature-inspired fireplace screen (Houzz)
A living room with a blue and white tiled fireplace to decorate in the off-season.
An easy DIY screen for an off-season fireplace (casasugar)
A woman is decorating her fireplace with logs in the off-season.
A DIY screen idea for the fireplace (pepperdesignblog)
An abstract painting decorates a fireplace in a living room.
A display of vases spruces up an off-season fireplace (surefitslipcovers.BlogSpot)

These are just some of the creative ways to decorate your fireplace in the off-season.  Think of your fireplace as a blank canvas and paint it with your most creative ideas.  The fireplace can become the focal point of your room when embellished with flowers, books, art, candles and other decorative touches.


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