Ten Storage Hacks for Home

Over time we may think our home is getting smaller when the piles of stuff we have are just getting bigger. If you look at current magazine articles, many of the headlines are about minimizing and organizing. Careers have been made for media personalities with their knowledge of how to clean out and store all of the items in our homes. 

It doesn’t take an expert to put in place some easy at home storage hacks, making life just a little bit more streamlined. Here are ten to try when you feel the urge to organize. 

Lift your Bed

A great space for storage which usually goes unnoticed is under your bed. A bed takes up a lot of space with a good bit underneath. A simple hack is lifting your bed. You can use bed risers or you can attach higher legs to your bed frame. Use clear storage drawers to organize and store seasonal or infrequently used items. These drawers can also be used in the space under your den sofa. 

Organize with a Spice Rack

Often toiletry items end up cluttering your countertops leaving little room for anything else. Use a vertical spice rack affixed to the wall of your bathroom to instantly have extra room. The spice rack will keep your toiletries well organized and off of the counter. 

A home storage shelf with craft supplies.

Hang your Bike

Biking for your commute or for exercise is great, but a bike takes up a lot of floor room in a small home or city apartment. Use a wall mount to hang your bike, instantly freeing up floor space. 

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Any time you work to store vertically, you are freeing up space below. 

A bicycle is hanging for home storage under the stairs in a room.

Install Floating Shelves

Again, using the idea of storing vertically to free up floor space, floating shelves can be an attractive solution. They can act as bookshelves or storage space for other items keeping floor space free. 

Hang Double Bars 

Double your closet space by hanging two bars. Mount one up high for less frequently used items and mount a second one at waist height to hang clothes you wear each week. This can be done in any closet you have available in your home or apartment. 

Create a Storage Bench

Use cube storage to create an attractive storage bench near an entryway. Place a cushion on top of the storage creating a bench where you can sit to take shoes on and off. Use the drawers or baskets in the storage piece to keep seasonal items like hats and gloves as well as outdoor accessories. 

A bed with a storage bench and a bedside table designed for home storage.

Hang Mugs

Coffee or hot tea drinkers tend to end up with a collection of mugs which outgrow their cabinet space. Adding hooks to the bottom of kitchen cabinets creates a space to hang mugs and instantly frees up space inside of your cabinets. 

Install Hanging Baskets

Kitchen counter space can be very valuable when you need it to work while preparing a meal. By hanging baskets in your kitchen, you can clear the counter using the baskets to store produce like avocados, bananas and other fruits like lemons which don’t need to be refrigerated. 

Use a Pegboard

One of the keys to better storage is making smaller spaces more usable. Wall space is a great place to add storage. Place a pegboard on the wall for an inexpensive solution for storing items like scarves and purses. You can also use this in a small office to hang supplies like scissors or a stapler and tape. 

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Hang Laundry Hamper

Laundry hampers take up floor space in a bedroom or bathroom which could be used for storing other essential items like towels or sheets. Clean up hacks include hanging a hamper bag from a hook on the back of a door in your bathroom or bedroom closet. This trick gives you freed up floor space or a great new space for storage.

You can take time to declutter, then use these simple storage hacks for items you use regularly or need to keep. Using these hacks can transform your home or apartment into a serene organized space you can enjoy for years to come. 

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