7 Insightful Study Room Design Ideas to Make it Look Better

It is essential and necessary for your child to have a study room, and this post will help you uncover some of the study room design ideas you could quickly incorporate into your kid’s study room or even your own room.

If you have a big house, no worries, you can save one room to act like your kids’ study room. If you have limited space, you shouldn’t fret because there is still an option for you. Now, you can find a free corner within your limited room and rearrange it to act like your kid’s study area.

A modern study room design idea featuring a white home office with a bench and desk.

In this post, we will discuss some insightful study room design ideas that you can incorporate. These design ideas come along with their images.

Let’s dive in.

Study room design ideas for a children's space featuring a desk and bookshelves.

Study room design ideas featuring a home office with two desks and a computer.

Study room design ideas: A white home office with green chairs and bookshelves for inspiration.

A study room with a desk and a rug.

A cozy study room with a desk and chairs.

Study room design ideas with bookshelves.

1. An Element of Motivation

A pink couch in an attic study room design.

Your kids need the motivation to concentrate and study, something that spikes their eagerness to get down and study. Write a piece of motivation on a message board and make it look fancy. Remember, kids, love fancy things.

2. Range of Colors

Study room with a bench and a light fixture.

Kids, without a doubt, love color. It all just depends on the colors you are going to decide to incorporate into your child’s study room. This is one of the study room design ideas, but will only be effective if you get the right color choice for your kid.

3. Comfy Floors

Study room design ideas with blue walls and chairs.

The concentration span of children is very short, and that means that they should have breaks in between their study times. That’s why you need to incorporate fun while they also learn. To do this, you can add some comfy floors in your child’s study room.

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4. Fun Shelves

Design ideas for a study room with a desk and bookshelves.

Your child will indeed need a place to organize their reading materials, and that’s why you need to add some fun shelves. And the reason why you are adding fun shelves is that children love fun. They will quickly lose focus if something is boring.

5. Get a Reading Desk and Loft

Creative study room design ideas for children with a desk and yellow chairs.

Even reading requires a good posture. You can’t read while standing or sleeping. That’s why you need to add a reading desk or loft so that your child can have a better experience while reading.

6. Corner Nook 

Study room design ideas with a desk and a window.

Do you have a bigger house? If yes, it must be that your child has his or her separate bedroom. So design a study area in one of the corners of your child’s bedroom. This is one of the study room design ideas that you can implement right away.

7. A Writing Wall 

Study room design featuring a white desk and a blue chair in a small space.

Children love writing on the wall, but not on your expensive wall, right? Sure, you’d not like your child to mess around with a wall that cost you thousands of dollars. But there’s an option – you can install a writing wall in your child’s study area to give him or her the freedom to write.

The above are some of the study room design ideas that you can implement straight away so that your child can have a better study area.


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